Calming Puzzle Game Antivine is Now Available for Smartphones


Userjoy Technology has launched the smartphone version of its puzzle game Antivine, which sees its initial release on Steam last December. The game is free to download on Google Play with in-app purchases after Stage 3 and priced at USD$3.99 on App Store.

In this immersive puzzle game developed by Regeneration Studio, players can shift their perspective to uncover concealed mysteries and solve puzzles by viewing stages from various angles, just as if observing a city within a crystal ball.

QooApp Antivine 02

QooApp Antivine 03

To commemorate the release of the mobile version, the game is now holding a celebration campaign until July 1, when all players will receive a bonus costume for free along with special rewards with the code “CherryBlossoms“.

QooApp Antivine 01

Antivine Trailer

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