Quantum Maki is Shutting Down on June 27


Efun announced that its 3D Bullet Hell Shooter on mobile, Quantum Maki is shutting down on June 27, 11 months after the game launch on July 29.

The developers announced the game’s shutdown on Twitter and via its in-game notice. As of May 26, the game has suspended the sale of all premium currency and seems to not be issuing refunds for unused paid items. The game had started a trend of re-running events as early as early February and didn’t seem to be implementing any new events from that point onward, as it continued to re-run events from the past half-year.

About Quantum Maki

Quantum Maki is a bullet hell shooter set in the year 2033, a mysterious object known as the tower suddenly appeared on the planet. The tower houses many technological wonders, that drastically pushed humanity’s technology centuries ahead into the future. With great power though, comes great ambition, as the advancements in technology lead to a great war between many countries, all vying for control of the towers, and hoarding the technology for themselves.

Quantum Maki is a top-down 3D action shooter. The game emphasizes fast-paced shooting, slicing, dicing, and dodging above all else, with enemies that fire a dizzying barrage of slow-moving projectiles. The game launched with a Code Geass collaboration and has smooth controls and stylish action.

The game has a 4.0 on the QooApp Game Store.

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