Aether Gazer Tier List and Reroll Guide


This long-awaited action-packed sci-fi RPG by Yostar has just been officially released, and Aether Gazer does not disappoint with its fluid combat, smooth animations, and beautiful 3D visuals! Packaged in a sci-fi, futuristic setting, this mobile title features a sizable cast of playable characters to choose from, each with its own mechanics and playstyle for players to experiment with. 

With a limit of three characters in a party, it might be difficult to decide who to bring on the battlefield, especially with the useful-yet-restrictive Ultimate Skillchains. This Aether Gazer Tier List and Reroll Guide will recommend some of the best characters to reroll for, who can help boost your early-game progress into overdrive! 

However, don’t feel pressured to chase after the characters listed here; quests in Aether Gazer can be cleared just fine with whoever you like, and some characters can be better suited to some mission objectives even if they aren’t ranked highly on this list.

How to Reroll in Aether Gazer?

Unfortunately, rerolling in Aether Gazer is a bit cumbersome, as using the Guest Account feature locks the player into that account for 15 days and makes it unfavorable to reroll your desired characters. Instead, players must use alternate email addresses or salted emails for each account in the reroll process.

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1.Open Aether Gazer, and select your log-in option. For your first reroll attempt you can use a Guest Account, but reroll attempts after that must use the Email option.
2.Go through the tutorial by skipping the cutscenes, then complete the forced tutorial fights until the Home Screen is freely accessible.
3.Collect the pre-registration rewards from the Mail.
4.Use the collected Modifier Scan Vouchers and Shifted Stars to select the 10x multi-roll option on whatever banner you prefer. If the glowing laser is gold, that means you rolled an S-Grade Modifier!
5.If the results aren’t what you wanted, then tap your Profile at the top left of the Home Screen.
6.Select User Centre, and then Delete Account.
7.Confirm your intent to delete the account by typing in ‘DELETE’. This will bring you back to the Main Menu, where you can select your login method. If this is your second reroll attempt, you must enter a new email address. 
8.Repeat steps 2 to 7 until you obtain your desired character!

Aether Gazer Tier List

SS Tier

S-Grade [Shinri] Tsukuyomi

The first rate-up character in Aether Gazer comes in swinging, being a powerful Thunder damage dealer who can buff the entire party’s Thunder damage! Tsukuyomi’s attacks can inflict Seal of Thunder, which increases the damage she deals to enemies with her third skill. With her Rage system, players will find no reason not to hack and slash through foes with this incarnation of a raging thunderstorm.

image 77

S-Grade [Rahu] Asura

Despite her short size, Asura has the unique ability to lock down enemies with her second skill and give any party a chance to recover from danger, or to pile on damage on defenseless enemies! She’s no slouch in the damage department either with high values on her area of effect damage, making her an excellent character in Aether Gazer for newbies and experienced players alike!

image 80

S-Grade [Jin-ei] Kuninotokotachi

Kuninotokotachi may not have Tsukuyomi’s absurd damage output, but this Modifier has a flexible skill kit where the player can alter the properties of her skill depending on the Mudras selected. This kunoichi can set down damage-dealing patches, unleash a 360-degree attack around her, or even slice foes who get in the way!

As the cherry on top, Kuninotokotachi’s Ultimate Skill can also carry the properties of her selected Mudras, adding a new layer of utility that players can take advantage of. Luckily, she’s obtainable in Aether Gazer once the player reaches Admin Level 30 and accesses Recurring Dream, so players won’t need to worry about rolling for her.

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S Tier

S-Grade [Arctic Abyss] Poseidon

Arctic Abyss Poseidon trades her healing capabilities for powerful area-of-effect Ice attacks that can chip away at her enemy’s Ice Resistance, and can even freeze them in place! Using her skills grants her Frost Runes, which lowers her skill cooldowns while empowering her attacks.

Unfortunately, these Frost Runes come at a price; use too many Skills without replenishing Poseidon’s energy, and players will be stuck with attacking normally without the safety net of being able to freeze enemies.

image 81

S-Grade [Ryugiri] Kagutsuchi

Kagutsuchi is Aether Gazer’s glass cannon, as his powerful attacks have long animations that trap him in place until they finish. This Modifier can grant himself Unyielding, which prevents his attacks from being interrupted by enemies when Kagutsuchi is attacked.

However, this buff doesn’t prevent him from taking damage, and his damage reduction buff is very minor in a game where dodging is highly encouraged. Timing his attacks is crucial to making the most out of Ryugiri, as careless players will lose him if they aren’t paying attention.

S-Grade Kagutsuchi

S-Grade [Early Sakura] Ookuninushi

This handgun-toting girl brings a bit of randomness into combat, but her high damage modifiers more than make up for it. Her main gimmick is her first skill, which allows Ookuninushi to provide an attack buff to herself, refilling her Rage meter, or restoring her HP depending on what card she drew.

Furthermore, the effects are empowered by 50% if the card she draws when activating the skill is different from her previous card! Aether Gazer players who can work with her card gimmick will find Ookuninushi a powerful Modifier that can clear waves of enemies with ease.

image 79

A Tier

A-Grade [Radiant Feather] Hera

Radiant Feather Hera is a long-range supporter with wide-hitting attacks and the ability to draw enemies into an area with her Ultimate Skill. By collecting Traces with her first and second skill, she can empower her third skill by expanding those Traces and dealing impressive damage if all four Traces are consumed. This graceful lady shines best as an AI team member when the player is controlling a powerful damage dealer, but Hera works well enough even when she’s the leader of the party.

image 73

S-Grade [AblaZe] Tyr

Players using the Valleyrand heir need to be strategic when using him, as his third skill can inflict massive single-target damage when fully maxed out. However, it can be difficult to max out this skill by obtaining the required King Marks, as basic enemies will likely be long dead by the time you can unleash it at full power and leaves Tyr to commit to that particular attack despite its small range and Trace-hungry requirement. However, Tyr’s greatest strength is the flexibility that his skills can provide, and can be a powerful team member if given the opportunity.

S Grade Tyr AblaZe 13

A-Grade [Tidal Song] Poseidon

Tidal Song Poseidon is your standard healer given for free in most RPGs but also has the ability to buff the attack of her allies. Furthermore, her Ultimate applies a stacking Max HP to increase the buff to the team, which will be a welcome boost to players new to the action RPG genre. She may fall out of use later once the player is much more comfortable dodging attacks, but Tidal Song is an amazing starter unit for much of the early game.

image 72

B Tier

A-Grade [Dark Mistletoe] Hodur

Dark Mistletoe Hodur is a ranged damage dealer who excels when she’s far from her target and is a good party member for newer players who still want to get comfortable with the high-speed combat that Aether Gazer offers. Her skill cooldowns are also relatively short compared to other Modifiers, and her Rage system helps fuel her damaged outfit by keeping her skills ready.

image 74

A-Grade [Airgetlam] Nuadha

Nuadha is currently the only Modifier that can grant the Unyielding buff to his team, preventing your Aether Gazer party from being interrupted by stray hits when attacking. While powerful, this buff is locked behind his Ultimate Skill and isn’t much else to write home about besides his decent area-of-effect damage. 

image 71

A-Grade [Croc Rage] Sobek

This crocodile fanatic can work as a damage dealer, inflicting uncommon water-type damage with his attacks. His Rage system encourages constant attacking, which can be a problem if the player needs to dodge attacks. Sobek can also buff the melee damage of his allies through his Ultimate Skill, though there are other Modifiers who can provide stronger buffs to the team.

image 75

How is your journey in Aether Gazer?

Players familiar with the action RPG genre at the mobile device level might assume that Aether Gazer is nothing more than a rip-off of Punishing: Gray Raven. However, being able to fight using a party of three adds a layer of strategy and utility that emphasizes the teamwork necessary to beat the hardest of fights. Having to pick between a character’s Ultimate and a team’s Ultimate Skillchain is just one of several nuances that players will need to consider in the heat of battle, and this balance between strategy and skill is a welcome addition to the library of any action RPG fan.

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