404 GAME RE:SET Adds Fatal Fury Scenario Event and Character on May 30


Sega is holding a limited event for its mobile shoot-em-up 404 GAME RE:SET, introducing a game series from outside of Sega’s property, Garou Densetsu, also known as Fatal Fury!

The collaboration event adds the titular Fatal Fury in the game with both her Anode and Cathode versions in the new Flames of Fate and WInds of Revenge event, with a bunch of rewards up for grabs and the Anode version of Fatal Fury being free, while the Cathode version being available in the game’s gacha.

The Fatal Fury event begins on May 30 and ends on June 12.

404 GAME RE:SET Fatal Fury Collab Trailers

404 GAME RE:SET Fatal Fury Event

One of SNK’s trademark fighting games that changed the landscape of the genre in 1991 is finally here, Fatal Fury! This scenario event has a number of event quests and boss battles for you to partake in, letting you earn Junk Data and other special rewards including Cast Pieces of Terry Bogard, and Golden Axe Cathode!

You’ll also be able to pick up 1,500 gems from this event, along with the Terry Bogard figure, and more enhancement materials to power her up!

404 Game Reset Fatal Fury 0 3

■ Fatal Fury Anode (Terry Bogard) – CV: Ayane Sakura

404 Game Reset Fatal Fury Event characters 0 2
404 Game Reset Fatal Fury 0 2

404 GAME RE:SET Fatal Fury Gacha

The Fatal Fury Gacha is also here, bringing in a new cast to the game, with it featuring the Cathode version of Fatal Fury, based on Geese Howard’s appearance! This new character can cast Reppuuken, granting powerful buffs to her allies, reducing the damage they take, and causing her to enter a “counter’ state that causes her to counter-attack when hit.

In this new pick-up gacha, the character figure of Andy Bogard can also be picked up!

404 Game Reset Fatal Fury 0 4

■ Fatal Fury Cathode (Geese Howard) – CV: Ayane Sakura

404 Game Reset Fatal Fury Event characters 0 1
404 Game Reset Fatal Fury 0 1

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