Silent Hill: Ascension Interactive Streaming Series Unveils New Trailer and Begins in 2023


Konami and the teams behind Silent Hill: Ascension released a new trailer for the “massively interactive live event”

The series follows multiple characters from around the world being tormented by the mysterious town of Silent Hill, which has taken on a new form as it no longer embodies a single location in the world, but as a kind of darkness that seeps into entire towns, drawing its inhabitants in and threatening to consume everyone within by trapping them in a cycle of their own guilt and fears.

Unlike other Silent Hill titles, this isn’t a game but rather an interactive series where viewers from around the world can influence the events unfolding on the stream, with its canon left completely in the hands of its viewers.

Silent Hill Ascension Trailer

About Silent Hill Ascension

Silent Hill Ascension is a brand new take on the series, bringing the story to life under the influence of not just its creators, but the millions of fans across the world.

Silent Hill Ascension 2023 Premiere2

Silent Hill Ascension 2023 Premiere3

The project is an interactive story experience, where viewers can watch and interact with its world as it is broadcasted live through multiple platforms. The actual details of how this will work are not known, but it seems like viewers will be able to vote on story choices and how characters interact with each other as it progresses.

The developers described it as a streaming series meaning audience members from around the world will be tuning in at the same time, influencing the events as it happens, giving off the idea that the events of Silent Hill: Ascension are actually happening somewhere in the world.

Silent Hill Ascension 2023 Premiere5

Silent Hill Ascension 2023 Premiere6

Silent Hill Ascension 2023 Release Feature

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