Kaminagashijima: Reincarnation of the Shrine Maiden is Out Now for Smartphones


LiTMUS, Aiming, and Kodansha today officially launches the 4vs1 asymmetric multiplayer horror action game Kaminagashijima: Reincarnation of the Shrine Maiden (かみながしじま ~輪廻の巫女~) for iOS and Android devices in Japan.


Kaminagashijima s a joint production of LiTMUS and Aiming, while Kodansha is publishing a manga adaptation by Takashi Sōgetsu of the game project on its manga app Magazine Pocket starting June 7. The manga will center on the main character Miko Amane as she wanders on the cursed island ruled by the evil god Hiruko and tried to unravel the secrets behind it.

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Similar to the manga’s story, players will find themselves awake on a strange deserted island. Players can take either the role of the god Hiruko or the role of humans. Similar to games of the genre, the humans must complete tasks around the map and escape, while the god player seeks to hunt down the humans before they can make their exit.

In celebration of the game launch, players who log in Kaminagashijima will receive in-game items equivalent to 10 times gacha, in which you can obtain character avatars to boost up your character stats, profile icons, items, etc. Also, character avatar Beppu Homura snd 1,500 Kamidama will be presented to all players as pre-registration rewards.

Kaminagashijima: Reincarnation of the Shrine Maiden PV

Kaminagashijima: Reincarnation of the Shrine Maiden Gameplay

Players who take the role of the evil god Hiruko cannot interact directly with the physical realm but can possess the many beasts that lurk on the island. However, if the survivors are close to making their escape, she is able to transform into a powered-up state where she can physically attack her victims assuming direct control.

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Hiruko also has access to other mischievous tricks like mimicking other survivors to catch them off, guard. Survivors will have to be cautious of their surroundings and be careful of their own buddies lest they find themselves in for a surprise by the hunter.

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On the other hand, players taking the roles of the Survivors will have to interact with special devices dotted around the map to unlock barriers that bar their exit. Along the way, they may access weapons and items to assist their attempts at freedom. The survivor is also assigned a class and skill that makes each unique. Some of the classes include Attacker, Medic, Scout, Engineer, and All-Rounder.


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Kaminagashijima: Reincarnation of the Shrine Maiden LiTMUS Co., Ltd. Rate: 3.4 Install