Rockman X DiVE is Shutting Down on September 27


Capcom announced that it is shutting down the game Rockman x DiVE on September 27, ending a run lasting 3 and a half years following the game’s initial release on March 24, 2020, on mobile, and September 15 on pc via Steam.

The developers thanked players for sticking with the game, all of the adventures the players had with old characters, and meeting new ones such as RiCO and ViA. As part of the game’s shutdown, there will still be multiple events for players to enjoy, along with a free daily draw that guarantees an S-Rank character, along with increased gains to Dark Code coins and the Dark Code Store event being held regularly.

As part of the game’s shutdown, the sale of all direct purchase items from all of its platforms has been suspended, and the game will have a “treatment of remaining paid element metals” down the line, implying a refund process.

*Update While Rockman x DiVE is shutting down, the North American, European, Latin American, and Korean versions of the game, Mega Man x DiVE are still online “indefinitely”. The Steam version of the game is based on the Taiwan server.

RockMan x DiVE Message from Navigators

About RockMan x DiVE

Rockman x DiVE or Megaman x DiVE is a mobile rendition of the Megaman X series, bringing the series’ iconic side-scrolling fast-paced action gameplay to life at your fingertips.

Players can select from a wide variety of characters from the Megaman series including X, Zero, Vile, Iris, and much more as they go through levels destroying enemies throughout the franchise’s history, including ones from Megaman Zero and beyond. The game has elements of customization and upgrades systems to enhance your characters, along with a variety of powerful moves and different weapons you can pick up to further strengthen your characters, taking the action out in PvE arenas and even PvP.

Rockman x DiVE has a rating of 4.3 on the QooApp Game Store.

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