Alchemy Stars’ 2nd Anniversary Celebration Has Arrived!


Level Infinite is celebrating the second anniversary of its smartphone strategy RPG Alchemy Stars with a special anniversary update launching on June 8.

The most exciting highlight of the anniversary update is the introduction of three new character additions, including 6-star Mia: Lustrous Soul, 6-star Schwartz: Almighty Clamor, and 5-star Jakine. A new story event “Ode to Lumopolis: Journey to the Past” is also held for a limited time.

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Alchemy Stars 2nd Anniversary – “Ode to Lumopolis: Journey to the Past” Event

In celebration of Alchemy Stars’ second anniversary, the special event “Ode to Lumopolis: Journey to the Past” offers players a plethora of rewarding activities to participate in, such as the story stage “Family Day,” the challenging “Bottomless Chasm” stage, a limited-time login rewards system, and more.

Running from June 8 until July 3, players can obtain Crystal Droplets by successfully clearing stages in “Family Day” or by using Prism to complete designated stages. These Crystal Droplets can be exchanged in the event store, Divination Room, for various rewards like the ★5 event Aurorian Jakine and her Solamber, three special Star Flares, event furniture such as Tribute Harp and Flickering Hourglass, breakthrough materials for Legendary Aurorians, and more.

Successful completion of all “Family Day” stages with three stars and story stages will reward Navigators with up to 1,350 Lumamber. Accomplishing the last stage with a three-star rating will grant the event an exclusive Stand By Me Medallion—Memory Crystal. Players can further take on the “Bottomless Chasm” stages at all difficulty levels to earn up to 500 Lumamber and two Special Star Flares.

Moreover, the event offers unique trials for the three new Aurorians: Mia: Lustrous Soul, Schwartz: Almighty Clamor, and Jakine, providing an opportunity to win up to 150 Lumamber.

Alchemy Stars 2nd Anniversary Sign-in Event

In the “Memories of Old” sign-in event, players will receive an array of rewards for consecutive days of logging in. The event will run from June 8 until July 3. Each day’s login comes with a distinct reward package:

QooApp Alchemy Stars 2nd Anniversary 14

– Day 1: 1000 Crystal Droplets, 5 General Jasper II.
– Day 2: 100 Lumamber, 5000 Nightium.
– Day 3: 1000 Crystal Droplets, 1 Recharger Pack.
– Day 4: 200 Lumamber, 3 Anonymous Gift I.
– Day 5: 1500 Crystal Droplets, 10000 Nightium.
– Day 6: 5 Gilded Lumamber, 2 Recharger Packs.
– Day 7: 2000 Crystal Droplets, 4 Anonymous Gift I.
– Day 8: 500 Lumamber, Doing My Duty Avatar.

Alchemy Stars 2nd Anniversary Recruitments

As part of Alchemy Stars’ second-anniversary celebration, two exclusive recruitment events are set to take place. The first one features the Aurorian Mia: Lustrous Soul and runs from June 8 until July 6. This event offers players a 50% chance of recruiting Mia when a 6★ Aurorian is selected, with a probability that increases chances up to 100% if the 6★ Aurorian isn’t recruited after 2 consecutive attempts. Players can also earn daily login rewards for the event.

QooApp Alchemy Stars 2nd Anniversary 02

The second event is a limited-time recruitment for the new Aurorian Schwartz: Almighty Clamor, running concurrently with the Lustrous Soul event. Similar to the previous event, there’s a 50% chance of recruiting Schwartz when a 6★ Aurorian is picked. After this event, Schwartz will be added to the Mainstay Recruitment pool with the same appearance rate as other non-events Aurorians of the same rating.

QooApp Alchemy Stars 2nd Anniversary 03

Alchemy Stars 2nd Anniversary New Aurorian

■ Mia: Lustrous Soul – Remnants of the Past – CV: Aoi Yūki

A Lumopolis knight who lives a secluded life in Umbraton. Mia, is in fact, the seldom-mentioned elder daughter of the Schwartz family- a kind girl who longs for her father’s recognition.

QooApp Alchemy Stars 2nd Anniversary 04

QooApp Alchemy Stars 2nd Anniversary 05

■ Schwartz: Almighty Clamor – Days Without End – CV: Yutaka Aoyama

In his prime, Schwartz, wielding a sword and crusading against the Eclipsites, was not only the newly-ascended Lumopolis ruler but also a valiant warrior who fought on the frontlines.

QooApp Alchemy Stars 2nd Anniversary 06

QooApp Alchemy Stars 2nd Anniversary 07

■ Jakine – Arcane Guardian – CV: Yuka Saitō

The Northern Envoy Jakine is enthusiastic and passionate, but her unskillful divination and careless personality often land her in unforeseeable trouble.

QooApp Alchemy Stars 2nd Anniversary 08

QooApp Alchemy Stars 2nd Anniversary 09

Alchemy Stars 2nd Anniversary New Outfits

The introduction of new skins is also part of the Alchemy Stars 2nd Anniversary update, featuring three characters: Gabriel, Keating, and Sylva.

The “Aura of Solace” outfit for Gabriel, a 6★ character, will be available for purchase in the store. This outfit comes with a pack of 10 Special Star Flares and will be on a discounted sale from June 8 until June 15.

Keating, a 5★ character, gets the “Black Magic Cultivators” outfit. This skin forms the paid outfit reward of Special Event Book Phase 15 and will be accessible from June 8 until August 3. Sylva, a 4★ character, gets the “Model Student” outfit. This skin will be the free outfit reward of Special Event Book Phase 15, available from June 8 until August 3.

■ Gabriel Outfit – Aura of Solace

To honor the master’s final wish, Gabriel donned a magnificent gown and ventured to the orphanage in Umbraton. The gloomy and rundown surroundings contrasted with the exquisite attire.

But the orphans sensed Gabriel’s heartfelt dedication to safeguarding their home, and the dress itself seemed to radiate a comforting light.

QooApp Alchemy Stars 2nd Anniversary 15

■ Keating Outfit – Black Magic Cultivators

To adults, it may be a frightful grimoire of black magic, but to them, it is a gateway into a wondrous realm of fantasy, enchantment, and extraordinary wonders crafted exclusively for their inquisitive and spirited souls.

To concoct the forbidden potion, they tirelessly search for peculiar ingredients, donning unique attire that only further accentuates their individuality.

QooApp Alchemy Stars 2nd Anniversary 16

■ Sylva Outfit – Model Student

To ensure the study session organized by Leah goes smoothly, Sylva made a special effort to don this formal attire, resembling a young scholar ready to meet his esteemed teacher—intelligent, wise, and well-mannered.

His demeanor effortlessly infused the study session with a positive atmosphere, earning him the title of a ‘model student’…

QooApp Alchemy Stars 2nd Anniversary 17

Alchemy Stars 2nd Anniversary Updates

As part of Alchemy Stars’ latest update, three exciting new game modes are being introduced: Luminatics Training, Desolation Codex, and Precarious Delivery.

QooApp Alchemy Stars 2nd Anniversary 10

The new Luminatics Training mini-game aims to enhance players’ differentiation of Light Trails. This game involves tapping tiles on an Alchemy Board to eliminate them and gain points, with the aid of Aurorians’ active skills and special board mechanisms. This training includes six Normal Stages and one Challenge Stage, each offering different rewards based on performance. Significant rewards such as Lumamber and Recharger Packs are available. This event will run from June 15 until July 6.

QooApp Alchemy Stars 2nd Anniversary 11

Alchemy Stars has upgraded its permanent Calamity Codex to the Desolation Codex, providing a more intricate gaming experience. The update introduces new boss mechanics with The Forsaken bosses, alongside new rank rules determined by the total damage dealt to these bosses. Players can also choose between two distinct battlefield environments – Normal Hunting and Targeted Exile, each offering unique rewards. Along with enhanced gameplay, players can exchange earned tokens for various items. The Desolation Codex is unlocked upon clearing Main Stage 8-7 and resets weekly every Thursday.

QooApp Alchemy Stars 2nd Anniversary 12

Precarious Delivery is a new mode where players navigate dangerous courier services amid heightened Dark Ghost activity. In this mode, stages consist of 2-3 sub-stages, and each Light Spirit can be deployed only once per sub-stage, necessitating a strategic mobilization of resources. Successfully meeting conditions in each stage can earn trophy rewards.

QooApp Alchemy Stars 2nd Anniversary 13

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