Project Sekai’s Latest Artist Tie-Up Joins Hands with Nanou and Hifumi x 40mP! Project Sekai 3rd Anniversary Festival Details Revealed!


At yesterday’s “Project Sekai Wandasho Channel #33” live stream program, the mobile rhythm game Project Sekai: Colorful Stage! feat. Hatsune Miku has confirmed an artist tie-up with Nanou and 123 x 40mP, meaning that the two groups of artists will be creating original songs for the in-game units of Project Sekai.

The announcement came as part of the unveiling of several new updates and events, including the live stage event; Project Sekai 3rd Anniversary Festival. Seven new playable songs are also confirmed to arrive at Project Sekai soon

Project Sekai Artist Tie-Ups with Nanou and Hifumi x 40mP

Project Sekai has announced the participation of artists Nanou and 123 x 40mP, who will contribute new original songs to the game. Nanou will provide a unit song for Nightcord at 25:00, while Hifumi and 40mP will team up to deliver a unit song for Leo/need. These new additions will be updated to Project Sekai in the near future. Details regarding the release will be announced at a later date.

QooApp Project Sekai 01

QooApp Project Sekai 02

QooApp Project Sekai 03

■ Nanou

■ Hifumi x 40mP

Project Sekai 3rd Anniversary Festival

In gratitude to the supportive fanbase of Project Sekai, the two-day live stage event, Project Sekai 3rd Anniversary Gratitude Festival, will be held on September 16 and 17 at the Tokyo Dome City Hall. Both days will include two performances, one in the afternoon and one in the evening. The program for the event has a three-part structure, consisting of a reading drama, a mini live concert, and a third-anniversary talk show.

QooApp Project Sekai 04

QooApp Project Sekai 05

QooApp Project Sekai 06

QooApp Project Sekai 07

Starting from June 28 at 10:00 [JST], an advanced lottery for the event tickets will be conducted inside the game, exclusively for those who have purchased the “Colorful Pass DELUXE or PRECIOUS” for a continuous period of four months or more. The official lottery will open on July 15 at 10:00 [JST].

QooApp Project Sekai 04 1
The illustration for the event was drawn by Hinatsu (@toubou_hpmy)

Project Sekai Upcoming Playable Songs

The following songs will be added to Project Sekai in the upcoming updates.

■ “glow”
Lyrics/Composition: keeno

QooApp Project Sekai 08

Lyrics/Composition: Hylen

QooApp Project Sekai 09

■ “Kyukurarin (きゅうくらりん)”
Lyrics/Composition: Iyowa

QooApp Project Sekai 10

■ “Taiyōkei Disco (太陽系デスコ)”
Lyrics/Composition: Nayutalien

QooApp Project Sekai 11

■ “Nōnai Kakumei Girl (脳内革命ガール)”
Lyrics/Composition: MARETU

QooApp Project Sekai 12

■ “Totemo Sutekina Rokugatsu Deshita (とても素敵な六月でした)”
Lyricist/Composition: Eight

QooApp Project Sekai 13

■ “Afterglow”
Lyrics/Composition: JimmySamP

QooApp Project Sekai 14

Project Sekai “Let’s Create Together!” Selected Song

Selected from the 15th Let’s Create Together! Project Sekai NEXT Music Contest, the song “Shinpaku Pairing” (lyrics and composition by Yukino Ito) will be added to the game as playable song.

QooApp Project Sekai 15

Project Sekai Nightcord at 25:00 Connect Live

The virtual live concert, Connect Live Nightcord at 25:00 1st ‘moment,’ is scheduled to take place on July 9, featuring the performances of Nightcord at 25:00, and virtual singers Hatsune Miku, Rin Kagamine, Len Kagamine, and MEIKO. Each show will be presented in a MC+ full-size song format and the concert is expected to last approximately one hour.

QooApp Project Sekai 16

QooApp Project Sekai 17

The concert will be held three times on July 9. Two types of tickets will be available: the performance-only tickets and the performance tickets that come with limited special goods. Both will be sold for paid Crystals. Additionally, virtual and real merchandise will also be launched. A prequel login story for the Connect Live will also be released in the game.

QooApp Project Sekai 18

QooApp Project Sekai 19

QooApp Project Sekai 20

Project Sekai Wonderland x Showtime Connect Live

The Connect Live Wonderland x Showtime 1st ‘STORIES'” has been announced to take place on August 6. The concert will feature performances from Wonderland x Showtime”as well as virtual singers Hatsune Miku, Rin Kagamine, Luka Megurine, and KAITO. The show will be a virtual live concert presented in an MC+ full-size song format.

QooApp Project Sekai 21

Project Sekai Virtual Live Birthdays

The virtual live concerts in honor of Rui Kamishiro’s and Nene Kusanagi’s birthdays will be held on June 24, from 00:00 to 23:00 [JST] for Rui Kamishiro, and on July 20, from 00:00 to 23:00 [JST] for Nene Kusanagi.

As part of the celebration, the online store will be selling penlights and cheering fans. A Happy Birthday Gacha event will also be held for each of the two.

QooApp Project Sekai 22

Project Sekai 5th Ranked Match

The 5th Ranked Match Season: 2023 Summer will start on July 1. As its previous events, players will aim to achieve higher ranks by winning live events and accumulating Rank Points. Depending on the final rank held, players can earn rewards, including crystals and titles commensurate with their rank.

QooApp Project Sekai 23

Project Sekai Tanabata 2023 Live

The Tanabata 2023 Live virtual concert will take place from July 7 at 0:00 until July 8 at 23:00 [JST] . Prior to the start of the Live, new merchandise will be available for purchase in the virtual shop, including the Tanabata Panda full set, Tanabata Decorations accessories, and the new set Tanabata Orihime.

QooApp Project Sekai 24

Project Sekai x Ora2 Collab

The Happy Aura MORE MORE Smile! Project in collaboration with Sunstar’s Ora2 and MORE MORE JUMP! is set to start on June 23. Limited-time collaborative products, such as mouth sprays and toothbrushes designed with MORE MORE JUMP! members and virtual singers Hatsune Miku and RIn Kagamine, are planned for sale.

QooApp Project Sekai 25

QooApp Project Sekai 26

Additionally, the collab song “Hamigaki de no Chakushoku Yogore (Stain) Care (歯みがきでの着色汚れ(ステイン)ケア)” with Lyrics and Music by yuro mashima, themed around “care for staining caused by brushing” has also been confirmed. The game’s version is scheduled for release on the official YouTube channel as a 2D Music Video on July 3, and will be added to the game at a later date.

QooApp Project Sekai 27

QooApp Project Sekai 28

Project Sekai 6th Single Release

The 6th singles from each unit appearing in Project Sekai are now on sale. The tracks included in the 6th single by Nightcord at 25:00, scheduled for release on September 27, are “Kimi no Yoru o Kure (君の夜をくれ)” and “I-nan Desu (Iなんです)”, with the jacket drawn by Suzu Sakuraba.

QooApp Project Sekai 29

In addition, the tracks in the Wonderland x Showtime single, due for release on October 11, are “Donna Ketsumatsu ga o Nozomi Dai? (どんな結末がお望みだい?)” and Hoshizora Orchestra (星空オーケストラ), with the jacket drawn by Yuichi Murakami. As with previous releases, a special storage box will be given as a gift to those who purchase all five titles at stores and online shops offering purchase benefits.

QooApp Project Sekai 30

Project Sekai Wandasho Channel #33 Live Stream Archive

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