Touken Ranbu Online “Regimental Clash – Seaside” Event Introduces New Sword, Jikkyu Mitsutada


Touken Ranbu Online is bringing a new sword, Jikkyu Mitsutada (CV: Takehito Koyasu) in the “Regimental Clash – Seaside” event starting after the maintenance on June 20.

Battle enemy forces using a team of four and you will earn Marbled Turbans in exchange for various rewards, including the new Touken Danshi. Additionally, the event offers the chance to obtain rare swords such as Urashima Kotetsu, Chatan Nakiri, and Sasanuki.

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Touken Ranbu “Regimental Clash – Seaside” Event

In “Regimental Clash – Seaside,” players deploy four units to defeat successive enemy regiments. By winning battles, players can collect Marbled Turbans, which can be exchanged for various rewards including Jikkyu Mitsutada, and the event-exclusive backdrops, Scenic View – Seaside and Scenic View – Seaside Dusk. The goal is to defeat as many enemy regiments as possible to accumulate rewards.

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Occasionally, Ookanehira and Shokudaikiri Mitsutada can be obtained by defeating the bosses of each battlefield. Moreover, in the Super Hard battlefields, Chatan Nakiri and Fukushima Mitsutada can be obtained in rare cases by defeating the bosses.

By gathering seven Rainbow Marbled Turbans, a Special Battlefield appears where the previously mentioned four Touken Danshi can occasionally be acquired by defeating the enemy. A large amount of Marbled Turbans and Touken Danshi’s EX can be obtained on these battlefields.

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If you deploy Chiyoganemaru, Chatan Nakiri, and Chiganemaru to the battlefield, special bonus effects can be triggered during combat. The event is scheduled to run from June 20 until July 18, 2023.

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Regimental Clash – Seaside Special Handy Items

During the event period of “Regimental Clash – Seaside”, Special Handy Items, designed to provide advantages in the event, are available for purchase in the store.

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Touken Ranbu Limited Time Forging Campaign

From June 20 until June 27, the Touken Danshi Chiyoganemaru will be available for a limited time in the forging using 700 of each resource. From June 27 until July 18, the Touken Danshi Shichiseiken will also appear for a limited time in the forge using 700 of each resource.

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Touken Ranbu Limited-Time Forge Support Pack

From June 19 until June 26, The Limited-Time Forge Support Pack is on sale coinciding with the “Limited-Time Forging Campaign”, the following items are currently available for purchase in the Store:

– Chiyoganemaru Exclusive Forging Booster
– Limited-Time Forge Support Pack (Medium/Small)
– Resource Sets
– Token Sets

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About Jikkyu Mitsutada

The latest addition to the roster of swordsmen is the character Jikkyu Mitsutada, voiced by Takehito Koyasu. Following the maintenance update on June 20, players can earn this new swordsman as a reward in the “Regimental Clash – Seaside” event.

Jikkyu Mitsutada is based on a katana of the Osafune school, crafted by the artisan Mitsutada. Mitsutada is revered as the de facto founder of the Bizen Osafune school, known for its superior cutting ability and flamboyant style, which gathered popularity among samurai.

The real sword, a long tachi, was forged by Mitsutada during the mid-Kamakura period. Its blade length is 2 shaku and 3 sun (about 69.7 cm), and it was once recorded in the Kyoho Meibutsu Cho, a catalog of famous swords, under the “burned part”. It is believed to have been owned by Jikkyu, a Sengoku-era warlord, hence the name. Before that, it was the treasured sword of Mikumo Sadamochi, a chief retainer of the Ikko-Ikki clan, hence it was also called “Mikumo Mitsutada”.

Nobunaga, who loved the flamboyant style of Mitsutada’s swords, collected more than twenty of his swords in his lifetime. The Jikkyu Mitsutada was said to be one of Nobunaga’s favorites.

Among several anecdotes, one recalls a tea party at Azuchi Castle where Nobunaga invited merchants from Sakai and had them identify the Jikkyu Mitsutada among many Mitsutada blades. Nobunaga was delighted when the blade was correctly identified and kept it as his regular sidearm. Even when Nobunaga transferred his family headship to his eldest son, Nobutada, and gave him one of his treasured swords, the Soza Samonji, he kept Jikkyu Mitsutada for himself.

In 1582, during the incident at Honnoji, Nobunaga fought until the end with Jikkyu Mitsutada, making eighteen cuts with it. After the castle burnt down, the blade was found in a burnt condition. Later, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, who considered the sword a memento of Nobunaga, had it repaired. The sword was once again burned in the Siege of Osaka and was offered to Tokugawa Ieyasu in its burnt condition. In 2023, a restored version of the sword was created with the assistance of the Japanese Tourism Agency. It was exhibited from April to September of the same year, alongside the restored Yakken Fujishiro, at the Honnoji Temple Treasure Museum.

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