Uta no Prince-sama Live Emotion Mobile Game Announced for the Series’ 13th Anniversary


Brocolli has revealed that a new Uta no Prince-sama series mobile game is in the works! Titled Uta no Prince-sama Live Emotion, the game was announced alongside the unveiling of the series’ 13th-anniversary website which highlighted a variety of new CDs, collaborations, and real-life events which are set to commence in commemoration of the occasion.

It has also been revealed that the idols from Shining Office and Raging Entertainment will appear in this brand-new mobile game title, though no release date has been shared as of this writing.

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While Uta no Prince-sama Dolce Vita, which was initially announced to be in the works in June 2019 saw no new information being shared since the change in platform from the PS Vita to the Nintendo Switch, the 13th-anniversary website reminds fans that development for the title is continuing. The last console release for the series was Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret for Nintendo Switch, which launched on December 22, 2022.



Uta no Prince-Sama 13th Anniversary Celebration Events

In celebration of the 13th anniversary of the series, collaborations with fashion designer Keita Maruyama, eyewear brand Zoff, and sports brand PUMA are underway! Check out the website for more details on all collaborations.


The series will be collaborating with fashion designer brand KEITA MARUYAMA to bring a new fashion line named “K.M☆U.P”. The lineup of apparel will be based on the Summer Bloom theme in keeping with the season. The collaboration clothing will be available for purchase at the SHINING STORE 2023, alongside a special illustrated visual of the idols wearing the original shirts.

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■ Zoff x Uta no Prince-sama IDOL PRODUCE Glasses

The eyewear collaboration returns in Zoff x Uta no Prince-sama IDOL PRODUCE Glasses Part 2! The eyewear line is designed with the concept as if the idols of Shining Production designed them to their themes and preferences. Zoff’s official website notes that more information on the product will be updated soon on July 4, so stay tuned! Online pre-orders will begin on July 5 and end on August 31.

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■ PUMA x Uta no Prince-sama

The sports brand PUMA will be collaborating with the series, bringing special sneakers designed after ST☆RISH and QUARTET NIGHT!

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Uta no Prince-Sama 13th Anniversary Shops

Shining Store 10th Anniversary

As mentioned above, the special Uta no Prince-sama concept store, Shining Store, will return to five locations all across Japan! On separate dates, the store will be consecutively opening in Harajuku, Nagoya, Osaka, Sapporo, and Fukuoka.

Outside of the already mentioned new K.M☆U.P clothing line, merchandise exclusive to the SHINING STOREs in the past will also be up for grabs on this special occasion! For more info, make sure to take a look at the store’s official website.

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Uta no Prince-sama

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Celebrate with 18 different idols in Cafe PARADISE STAR, which will go on from August 1, 2023, all the way to July 31, 2024! Split into four seasons, each venue opening will celebrate the birthday of the idol of the month! Enjoy menus themed after idol groups and members alongside cakes and merchandise to commemorate each character’s birthday.

Season 1 will feature Tokiya Ichinose, Cecil Ajima, Ranmaru Kurosaki, Eiichi Otori, and Eiji Otori. The cafe will be opening on August 1 to October 31 in Tokyo and conversely from August 1 to September 3 in Nagoya and Osaka.

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