Yostar Games Anime Expo 2023 Lineup Includes Arknights, Azur Lane, Mahjong Soul, and Aether Gazer


Following the arrival of Anime Expo 2023 to be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center from July 1 to 4, Yostar Games has revealed its full lineup joining the annual major event. The Yostar Games booth is located at Entertainment Hall E-15, showcasing everything about Arknights, Azur Lane, Mahjong Soul, and its latest launched title Aether Gazer.

In addition to the official merchandise and goodies of the popular games, Yostar Games also brings along a specially designed itasha, live performances, artists’ meet and greet, quiz shows, and a game experience zone. Game hosts Jacki Jing and Lola Clark will also be there hosting diverse interactive programming every day at the booth.


Yostar Games’ headline game Arknights is throwing a music party with AX2023 attendees offline. Musical Artists including Aviella, LIZ, Linney, Prince Fox, Rad Cat, and Lorne Padman, who sing and produce many popular Arknights songs for the community, will join in the party, giving live performances and having close interaction with Doctors. The stage will also play host to other exciting events such as DJ remix shows, cosplayers interaction, and quiz shows with merch prizes for Arknights fans.  

Socialmedia Arknights

Arknights AX schedule

Azur Lane@AX2023

In celebration of its 5th anniversary this summer, Azur Lane is displaying a well-designed itasha calling back to the day when Commanders first met Azur Lane at Anime Expo. Annie Sollange will perform last year’s anniversary song “Feelin’ It All” along with a bespoke DJ set, bringing Commanders a refreshing summer celebration vibe. Well-dressed cosplayers also await for Commanders to take pictures. In addition, the annual carnival will also introduce a pack of engaging activities including an anime watch party, gameplay challenges, and singers’ meet and greet!

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Azur Lane AX schedule

Mahjong Soul@AX2023

Mahjong Soul has also prepared several events and official merchandise for the Expo. Booth visitors can not only join the watch party of Mahjong Soul Pon anime but also compete for Mahjong Soul merch with other attendees by participating in the thrilling quiz shows.

Socialmedia Mahjong Soul

Mahjong Soul AX Schedule

Aether Gazer@AX2023

Aether Gazer, the recently released anime sci-fi ARPG mobile game, is welcoming new and old friends to dive into the engrossing futuristic 3D world. All attendees will have the opportunity to try out the game’s latest version on-site. In addition, Aether Gazer will also provide an intense and sensational experience through stage competitions where Administrators can participate and compete for many prizes. 

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Aether Gazer AX schedule

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