Exnoa’s Bishōjo RPG Twinkle Star Knights is Available Now


Exnoa has released its Bishōjo RPG Twinkle Star Knights on its online game platform DMM Games, and with its release has a whole bunch of launch rewards and other bonuses for its new players.

The game will be handing out several login bonuses such as star jewels, special gacha tickets, Star Knight crystals, and more. There is also a special campaign where if players play Exnoa’s other titles, including Mist Train Girls, Monster Musume TD, and Flower Knight Girl, you’ll get a bonus of up to 10 gacha tickets in TWinkle Star Knights, and even more rewards based on how many minutes you spend in those games!

Twinkle Star Knight Login Bonuses

As part of the game’s launch, there are multiple login launch bonuses you can pick up from consecutively logging in to the game!

First up is the beginner Login bonus, which grants you players a total of 3,000 Star jewels, ★3 confirmed gacha tickets, regular gacha tickets, knight crystals, and useful items for improving your characters.

Twinkle Star Knights Launch 0 1

The game’s also holding a release commemoration bonus for the next month, letting you pick up free gacha tickets and star jewels for logging in for 7 days during the game’s launch! on top of all of that, you’ll be picking up 7,700 Star jewels as thanks for hitting the game’s pre-registration campaigns, meaning that’s a total of 11,000 Star Jewels you can nab by just logging in!

Twinkle Star Knights Launch 0 6

Twinkle Star Knights Launch 0 2

Exnoa Games Collab Event

As part of the game’s launch the developers are holding a special “Creative Team Kuma” collab featuring the games by the developers.

The collab is split into three sections. Players hat complete the tutorial of at least two or more titles from Mist Train Girls, Monster Musume TD, Flower Knight Girl, and Twinkle Star Knights can get 10 free gacha pulls in twinkle star knights. The second part of the campaign is a login bonus, which needs you to login to Twinkle Star Knights for at least 7 days to pick up Paddington’s Uniform, Bibi’s maid outfit, and Nazuna’s dress. And lastly if you retweet the corresponding collaboration tweet from the official Twitter account of each game, all players can pick up a bounty of rewards for each of the games mentioned previously.

Twinkle Star Knights Launch 0 5

Game Release Gacha

And no game’s complete without a special gacha to celebrate its launch, and the first two characters featured will be Venus (Hello Fixer) and Yomi (Explosive Shrine Maiden)! You can pick up this powerful attacker and supporter duo combo at an increased pick-up rate in their release gacha, available from July 7, to July 21, 23:59 [JST].

Twinkle Star Knights Launch 0 3

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