Exoprimal Unveils Post-Launch Roadmap, Seasons, Exosuit Variants, Monster Hunter Collab and More


Capcom held an Exoprimal Showcase on its Youtube Channel, during which revealed more info on the online-only PvE and PvP shooter game.

Since the developers had revealed most of what you can expect in the game on launch over the course of its multiple betas and trailers, this showcase focused more on how the game will be handling its post-launch content, and it will be doing so in the form of seasonal updates. These updates will include a new game mode, Alpha and Beta variants of the Exosuits that operate differently from their original counterpart, crossover events, and the option for the final stage of any map to be PvP, PvE, or random.

The game will also seemingly be bringing even more collaborations across its updates, including the Street Fighter 6 collab coming in Season 2 in mid-October, and the Monster Hunter collab coming in January 2024 when season 3 launches.

Exoprimal launches for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam on July 14.

Exoprimal Launch Trailer

Exoprimal Post-Launch Content

■ Title Update 1 (August 16)

The game’s first title update, available on August 16 onwards will bring with it variations on the existing exosuits, called the Alpha Variants! These variants of the exosuits offer unique changes to their weapons, from different firing modes, to completely new weapons like the Zephyr going from a melee-focused class, to tossing Energy chakrams at its enemies, or the Krier using a charged shotgun instead of a minigun.

These variants will drastically change the exosuit’s playstyle, offering for more variety and strategy on the battlefield, and they’ll all come completely free!

Exoprimal Post Launch Content 013

■ Season 2 (Mid-October)

Season 2 includes Title Update 2, which adds a new Ocean Platform map, new rigs, more modules, and a new final mission for players to tackle. This update also comes with the game’s Street Fighter 6 collaboration, bringing mechanized versions of Ryu and Guile from SF6 to the game.

Exoprimal Post Launch Content 014

Exoprimal Post Launch Content 015

Exoprimal Post Launch Content 016

Exoprimal Post Launch Content 017

■ Season 3 (January 2024)

Similarly to title update 1, Season 3 will bring with it even more Exosuit variants to the game with their beta counterparts, and a new boss will be added in the Neo Triceratops.

This update also comes with the newly announced Monster Hunter collaboration, so stay tuned for more info as that comes!

Exoprimal Post Launch Content 018

Exoprimal Post Launch Content 019

Exoprimal Post Launch Content 020

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