Seven Knights Idle Adventure Now Available in Early Access on Android


Netmarble announced Seven Knights Idle Adventure, an idle RPG spinoff based on its Seven Knights franchise. Expanding the franchise’s universe with previously untold episodes, this new game aims to offer easy gameplay, designed specifically for low-capacity and low-specification devices.

Seven Knights Idle Adventure allows players to nurture and collect returning favorites from the original game, reborn as cute SD characters. Early Access to the game is now open for Android devices on Google Play, enabling players to delve into the enhanced storyline, which boasts over 130 Seven Knights heroes, 25 pets, and 170 hero costumes. Along with the Early Access launch, a new trailer was also unveiled on YouTube.

Seven Knights Idle Adventure PV

Early Access Contents

Early Access players will be able to enjoy a range of features and modes like the Main Field Exploration, where players can traverse territories and level up their favorite Seven Knights heroes. Each territory consists of several stages, which are cleared by summoning a boss after defeating a set number of enemies. As players progress, the game’s storyline unfolds through cutscenes and portrait conversations, offering insights into the relationships and lore.

QooApp Seven Knights Idle Adventure 1

QooApp Seven Knights Idle Adventure 2

The game includes a 10v10 PVP Arena, a mode where players can compete against others, earning points based on match results. These points can be exchanged for special rewards. There are also Dungeon Delves, offering players a chance to gather in-game currency by completing special dungeon challenges, including Gold Dungeon, Hero EXP Dungeon, Knight’s Token Dungeon, and Relic Shard Dungeon.

QooApp Seven Knights Idle Adventure 3

QooApp Seven Knights Idle Adventure 4

The Conquest Request system allows players to earn rewards for defeating a formidable group of summoned monsters. Completing these tasks yields Dice, which players can use to enhance their heroes and unlock their full potential.

QooApp Seven Knights Idle Adventure 5

QooApp Seven Knights Idle Adventure 6

For players seeking a challenge, the game offers the Infinite Tower, boasting 300 floors filled with enemies. Each floor cleared brings various rewards. Seven Knights Idle Adventure also brings a continuous stream of new content through Repeat Missions, which are released on a daily, weekly, and continuous basis.

QooApp Seven Knights Idle Adventure 7

QooApp Seven Knights Idle Adventure 8

Early Access Celebration Events

To commemorate the Early Access, Seven Knights Idle Adventure is offering a series of limited-time events, running until August 3. The SKIA Launch Carnival event allows players to secure the classic “Legend Hero Kyrielle” from the original Seven Knights game by earning various in-game rewards.

In addition, a 14-day Check-In Event has been introduced. This event rewards players with various benefits, including Seven Knights Summon Tickets, for daily game check-ins over two weeks.

QooApp Seven Knights Idle Adventure 01

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