Gundam Evolution is Shutting Down on November 29


Bandai Namco, unfortunately, announced that Gundam Evolution is officially shutting down on November 29. First released on September 21, 2022, Gundam Evolution is a 6v6 competitive team-based shooter where players go against each other in two opposing squads, as they complete objectives that vary depending on each of the four game modes available. Each mobile suit has its own special abilities and weapons, and cooperation is the key to victory.

According to a letter by the Producer, the team expressed that the decision was determined as it is no longer possible to provide a service that satisfies the player base. Starting July 26, the sale of EVO Coins will be ceased immediately. Sales of the EC Pod Limited, as well as updates to the EC Pods, CAP Pods, and Ticket Pods will also stop on that same day, though if you still own any of that currency, you can still use it before the shutdown.

gundam evolution evo coins

Gundam Evolution Season 6 and 7 Being Added

Season 6 and Season 7 of the game will be released before the shutdown, on August and October 2023 respectively. Because this will be after sales of EVO Coins have ceased, the developers have announced that they will be increasing the amount of Capital Points earned by playing the game, thus allowing players to quickly get all of the characters without having to spend EVO Coins.

gundam evolution supplypod01

Further information on what units and content there will be leading to the service shutdown will be broadcasted on the Mission Briefing Final livestream, which will go live on July 21 on the Gundam Evolution YouTube channel.

gundam evolution mission briefing final

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