Niantic’s Monster Hunter Now Gets Release Date on September 14


Hunt monsters in the real world! Monster Hunter Now, Niantic’s augmented reality take on Capcom’s hit monster-hunting series will launch for iOS and Android devices worldwide on September 14, 2023. The two companies also revealed an online showcase video detailing what players could expect in this AR title.

Monster Hunter fans can expect to fight up to 13 monsters from its previous entry Iceborne, such as Great Jagras, Pukei-Pukei, Diablos, Rathalos, and more. What’s more, hunters will be able to equip a variety of weapons like the Sword & Shield, Great Sword, Long Sword, Hammer, and Light Bowgun. And given that Monster Hunter Now focuses on players gaming outside, the team clarified that, in terms of story, there will be a series of simple quests under one narrative.

Players can now pre-register the game at the official Monster Hunter Now website, which reward you with in-game bonuses that scale up according to the number of people who sign up. If 500,000 people sign up, everyone gets 10 potions and 3 paintballs (paintballs are used to mark monsters you encounter on your travels to hunt later at home). If 5 million sign up, everyone gets 10,000 Zenny and a 1,000-slot inventory expansion.

Monster Hunter Now

Monster Hunter Now Gameplay

Monster Hunter Now is Niantic and Capcom’s foray into the AR technology space with a new game that’s based similarly to Pokemon Go. Taking place in the real world, players will get to roam around their cities looking for monsters, hunting them down, collecting material and crafting equipment. Like with the series core mechanics, you’ll still be able to select skills and combine equipment for special effects.

The game is playable by tapping and flicking on the screen to perform basic attack and rolling actions, while also being able to execute special attacks like the Helm-Splitter. Each hunt only lasts 75 seconds but is playable with 4 players. If you’re struggling with a monster you can also equip a paintball to toss at the monster, letting you track its location, and even fight it when you return home after you prepare some more. In case you forgot to paintball it, your friendly palico may also lend a hand to throw it automatically.

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