Aether Gazer’s “Where the Butterfly Belongs” Update Launches on August 1


Yostar’s anime-inspired ARPG Aether Gazer has unveiled its latest update, Where the Butterfly Belongs, which will be available from August 1 to September 4. This update brings a new story event that follows the catastrophic influence of the Phantom Butterfly. Players can also join The Tomb of the Butterfly event and earn a variety of rewards through battles, material collection, and puzzle-solving.

The update will also introduce four new Modifiers, including S-Grade Darkstar – Hel, S-Grade Phantasmal Dawn – Hera, A-Grade Comet R4Y – Zenkibo Tengu, and A-Grade Windwalker – Hermes.

Aether Gazer “Where the Butterfly Belongs” Version Trailer

Aether Gazer “Where the Butterfly Belongs” Story Event

The update brings a new story of events where the influence of the Phantom Butterfly persists in an ever more powerful way in Ain Soph. This event raises enormous challenges that even the Administrator, who has noticed the arrival of the black butterflies, is not immune to. On the heels of these developments, the Duskfall Area of Ain Soph experiences a major seismic event, altering the once serene region into a landscape marked by disaster and destruction.

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Within this chaotic setting, an unexpected encounter occurs between the Administrator and a young girl named Hel. This encounter shapes the story that follows, with Hel stepping into the spotlight as the main character. Finish the levels for the first time to get Shifted Star ×750, Lost Seedbanes, and more rewards.

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Aether Gazer “Where the Butterfly Belongs” Limited-Time Event

From August 1 to September 4, the update is hosting a limited-time event featuring an array of gameplay modes and rewards for Aether Gazer players. Administrators participating in the event can earn a diverse range of rewards, including Shifted Stars, Ain Soph Coins, and Battle Records T3.

The Tomb of the Butterfly event, an event-limited exploration mode, will be available between August 1 and September 4. During the event, players can earn a variety of rewards through battles, material collection, and puzzle-solving.

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Simultaneously, the Guarding the Camp event is slated. Here, players will have to wield the power of Hel to keep the lurking Visbanes at bay and ensure the safety of the refuge.

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Beginning on August 8 and extending until September 4, the Disaster Zone Sweep event will be held. In the aftermath of the Quakes, participants are tasked with vanquishing Visbanes. This event gives points and rewards based on individual player performance.

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The BunBun Analyzer, accessible from August 1 to September 4, is a device developed by Ookuninushi. This tool specializes in collecting and analyzing spilled data, providing combat buffs for Modifiers in specific gameplay modes.

As players progress and complete different event levels, they will gather Lost Seedbanes. These can later be exchanged for premium supplies at the Supplies Exchange center, such as Hel’s Limited-Time Event Sticker: Tranquil Dream and other materials.

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In addition, Aether Gazer has set up a 7-day Sign-In event during this period. Administrators who log in during this event can expect to obtain useful rewards such as Coolants and Spirit Extract T3.

Aether Gazer “Where the Butterfly Belongs” New Modifiers

The update is featuring many new Modifiers through the Modifier Scan. During the event, the Premium Precise Scan “Deepnight Darkstar” and Precise Scan “Ephemeral Fantasy” will be available, boosting the drop rate and increasing the chances of acquiring these newly added Modifiers.

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■ S-Grade Modifier: Darkstar – Hel

The S-Grade Modifier, Darkstar – Hel, marked by a dark childhood, has molded her into a reserved figure, proficient in dismantling Encroacher Type Visbane. Her adeptness in dealing with both single-target and AOE attribute damage is commendable, and her role can be pivotal regardless of the team composition.

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■ A-Grade Modifier: Comet R4Y – Zenkibo Tengu

A-Grade Modifier, Comet R4Y – Zenkibo Tengu, a light element Modifier from the Shinou gen-zone, excels in immobilizing enemies, and can be instrumental in enhancing a team’s damage output in both single-target and group scenarios.

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■ S-Grade Modifier: Phantasmal Dawn – Hera

S-Grade Modifier, Phantasmal Dawn – Hera is a light element ranged Modifier, Hera stands out not just for her combat group damage capability, but also for her knack in boosting attack and damage for her allies.

■ A-Grade Modifier: Windwalker – Hermes

A-Grade Modifier, Windwalker – Hermes, is a wind element Melee Modifier. Her passive mechanism allows her to swiftly approach and attack enemies, brings a swift downfall to her adversaries, adding a dynamic layer to the battle strategies.

Aether Gazer “Where the Butterfly Belongs” New Functors

The update not only brings new Modifiers into the fray, but also introduces four new functors, each synergizing with one of the new Modifiers.

Administrators can take advantage of 5-star Functor Elf – Muriel being a perfect match for Darkstar – Hel. While Comet R4Y – Zenkibo Tengu works well with 5-star Shikigami – Kurodooji.

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In addition, 5-Star Functor Herald – Miriam, designed to combine with Phantasmal Dawn – Hera, and 5-Star Herald – Pegasus for Windwalker – Hermes, will also be available later in the update.

Aether Gazer “Where the Butterfly Belongs” Ultimate Skillchains and New Outfits

Along with the debut of the new Modifiers, two ultimate skillchains are also available in Aether Gazer! The “Comet Circling”, a potent combination of skills between Darkstar – Hel and Comet R4Y – Zenkibo Tengu, and “Starwind”, a collaborative skillchain between Phantasmal Dawn – Hera and Windwalker – Hermes.

In addition, this update brings additions to the store. Among the new items are new designed outfits, including the “Butterfly Dreams” for Darkstar – Hel and the “Bluesky Realm” for Phantasmal Dawn – Hera. The Sungleam outfit for the A-Grade Modifier Comet R4Y will also be available during the update in the store.

The store also features Exclusive Packs tailored for Darkstar – Hel and Phantasmal Dawn – Hera to assist Administrators in enhancing these two S-Grade Modifiers.

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