Tower of Fantasy 3.1 Update “Midsummer Merriment” Celebrates its 1st Anniversary Starting August 8


Tower of Fantasy has revealed the latest details for their upcoming Version 3.1 update, Midsummer Merriment, which will arrive on August 8, 2023. Celebrating the 1st anniversary of the open-world RPG, the game will add a new Cloudbreak Manor map and a new character, Ming Jing. Wanderers can also take part in the Jade Pavilion Fair, a brand-new storyline that centers on a joyful festival decorated with lanterns!

In addition, Tower of Fantasy will also be available to play on Playstation 5 starting on August 8 at 00:00 (UTC). If you preordered the Deluxe or Ultimate Edition, it comes with a prestigious 48-hour early access, allowing you to preload the game starting from Aug 4 at 00:00 (UTC), opening your access to the game starting Aug 6 at 00:00 (UTC). The pre-order package also comes with a PlayStation-themed cosmetics bundle and a rich selection of in-game items.

Tower of Fantasy 1st Anniversary Trailer

Tower of Fantasy 1st Anniversary Rewards

To celebrate the 1st anniversary, a plethora of bountiful rewards–the biggest amount since the game’s launch will be given to all players! From August 8 to September 4, you can get up to 73 free draws, one Smart Servant, a full SSR Matrix set, and 15 Limited Extrinsic Rewards! If you were thinking of playing Tower of Fantasy, now’s a good time as any!

Tower of fantasy 1st Anniversary rewards EN

Arrival of Ming Ling

A new Simulacrum, Ming Ling, will debut on Tower of Fantasy on August 8. Ming Jing is regarded as the first visitor of Domain 9 from the outside world and has been newly appointed its Lord Xuanwu. Despite being a complete stranger to the people of Domain 9, he exudes an undeniable sense of security, wielding his great sword.

tower of fantasy ming jing debut

Cloudbreak Manor Map & New Boss

Cloudpeak Manor was once a bustling hub teeming with activity, but when Darkness fell upon it, the Manor began to crumble. Inside, you’ll find enemies such as the cow-like Cyox or Crystalline Darkness. Not only is the Manor filled with spectacular creatures, but a new boss enemy as well.

tower of fantasy cloudpeak manor 1

tower of fantasy midsummer merriment 4

tower of fantasy midsummer merriment 5

tower of fantasy midsummer merriment 7

tower of fantasy midsummer merriment 8

Deep inside the manor, you’ll find the Black Crow Dark Wretch. This boss enemy wears tough bone armor and wields three retracted bird heads. Along with its massive frame, the heads attack in coordination during combat, posing a serious threat to any foe.

tower of fantasy midsummer merriment 2

tower of fantasy midsummer merriment 10

Tower of Fantasy Jade Pavilion Fair

After twelve long years, the people of Domain 9 have decided to hold the Jade Pavilion Fair. In this storyline, you’ll enjoy the beautifully decorated landscape and the delicacies of Ignisville. In addition, several Exchange Shops will be set around the Festival area, along with a plethora of side missions for players to discover!

tower of fantasy midsummer merriment 1

tower of fantasy midsummer merriment 3

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