Honkai Star Rail Tracks Down the Stellaron Hunter Kafka on August 9


After her grandiose entrance in the game’s tutorial, Honkai Star Rail will finally be adding the fan-favorite Stellaron Hunter Kafka on August 9, at 12:00 server time!

The update will add Kafka, an AOE Nihility character, her light cone, and the 4-Star Nihility character Luka to the game as well who will be added to the game’s permanent pool, but will have an increased pick-up rate during her banner alongside Sampo and Serval, meaning the entire banner’s great for those looking to pick up characters that deal DoT! MiHoYo also released a new trailer for Kafka introducing her once again to players, but this time playing a much more antagonistic role in Belobog as a wanted criminal.

Honkai Star Rail A Dramatic Irony Trailer

Honkai Star Rail New Event Warp

The Nessun Dorma banner is here! During this event, warp players can pick up the limited Lightning Nihility character Kafka, alongside increased rates for Sampo, Luka, and Serval.

Luka will also be added to Honkai Star Rail’s Stellar Warp in version 1.3, but will not be available in the game’s Departure Warp.

The event warp ends on August 29, 14:59 based on server time.

Honkai Star Rail Kafka Release 0 6

Players may already be familiar with Kafka’s kit from Honkai Star Rail’s tutorial, but for those that need a refresher, Kafka is an AOE damage-dealing Nihility character whose skill attacks up to 3 targets at a time, inflicting lightning damage and causes all DoTs proc after the attack without taking away any charges from it.

Her Ultimate lets her deal AOE damage to all enemies and causes them to be shocked, which helps to set up her skill’s bonus damage proc quite nicely. Even if Kafka doesn’t have her ultimate ready, she can apply shock as every time an ally uses a basic attack on an enemy, she will perform a follow-up attack to inflict shock to that same enemy and can do so once every turn.

Honkai Star Rail Kafka Release 0 7

Luka on the other hand plays a more team-oriented role in that his skill inflicts bleeding the enemy, but when he uses his ultimate the enemy will take increased damage from all allies for 3 turns, while also granting him stacks of his unique passive Fighting Will.

Fighting Will, at 2 or more stacks will cause his basic attack to transform into Sky-Shatter Fist, which, similar to Kafka’s skill will instantly proc any bleed effect applied on the opponent, and he can gain one stack every time he uses his skill, for a maximum of 4 stacks.

Honkai Star Rail Kafka Release 0 4

Underground Treasure Hunt Event

Kafka’s unique light cone will also be available in the game, pairing incredibly well with her kit or any Nihility character as it not only boosts their damage, it also increases their speed by up to 14.4%, and causes them to apply “Erode” on enemy targets with any attack, which means a free lightning DoT based on 60% of the wearer’s attack.

Honkai Star Rail Kafka Release 0 9

Honkai Star Rail Kafka Release 0 3

Underground Treasure Event

Those that are missing some Stellar Jades can rejoice as Honkai Star Rail will also be starting the Underground Treasure Event when Kafka releases, granting more Stellar Jades, and a perfect assortment of items that can be used to upgrade Kafka’s traces, levels, and her light cone.

Honkai Star Rail Kafka Release 0 5

Honkai Star Rail Kafka Release 0 8

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