Yumekuro Celebrates 1.5th Anniversary with a Sanrio Collab and up to 100 Free Gacha Pulls


At yesterday’s special live stream, GCREST announced a series of exciting updates and collaborations for the 1.5-year anniversary of its popular smartphone RPG Dream Meister and the Recollected Black Fairy (Yumekuro), including a Sanrio collaboration, limited offers at Shibuya’s Sunshine City Prince Hotel, and new in-game contents.

Also announced in the program are the series’ second LINE stamp set, a new episode in the game’s story, and the Black Summer Campaign starting on August 26. And in celebration of the milestone, players who login to the game from August 18 to September 5 can receive up to 100 free gacha pulls!

QooApp Yumekuro 1.5 Anniversary 17

Yumekuro 1.5th Anniversary Special Video

Yumekuro x Sanrio Characters Collab

Yumekuro’s first in-game collaboration with Sanrio Characters has been confirmed to take place within 2023. Further details will be announced at a later date.

QooApp Yumekuro 1.5 Anniversary 01

Yumekuro x Sunshine City Prince Hotel Collab

In celebration of Yumekuro’s 1.5-year anniversary, Sunshine City Prince Hotel, Tokyo, Japan, will conduct a collaboration featuring afternoon tea and original room accommodation plans from September 30, 2023. Reservations and the collaboration’s special page will be available starting August 18.

QooApp Yumekuro 1.5 Anniversary 02

Yumekuro Afternoon Tea & Original Drink

  • Availability: September 30 to November 30
  • Location: Café & Dining Chef’s Palette (Hotel 1F)
  • Details & Reservations: Acceptance starts on August 18 at 12 PM [JST], on a dedicated page on the hotel’s official website.

Yumekuro Concept Room Accommodation Plan

  • Sales Period: September 30 to November 30
  • Details & Reservations: Acceptance starts on August 18 at 12 PM [JST], on a dedicated page on the hotel’s official website.

Yumekuro LINE Stamp 2nd Edition Release

Starting August 18, Yumekuro’s LINE stamp 2nd edition will be released priced at JPY $120, featuring 24 different stamps usable across various scenes. Information will be announced on Yumekuro’s official channels following the release.

QooApp Yumekuro 1.5 Anniversary 03

Yumekuro 1.5th Anniversary Second Campaign

Celebrating the 1.5th anniversary, the second installment of the campaign will allow participation in the Meister Gacha with up to 100 free pulls.

1.5th Anniversary Login Bonus Second Installment: August 16 – August 21

During this period, daily logins will allow players to acquire up to 150 Dream Stones, along with a chance to listen to daily limited voices from five Meisters.

QooApp Yumekuro 1.5 Anniversary 14

Up to 60 Spins! Daily 10 Free Spins Gacha: August 18 – September 5

During this time, a Meister Gacha featuring 10 free spins daily, up to a maximum of 60 spins, will be available to all players.

QooApp Yumekuro 1.5 Anniversary 15

1.5th Anniversary Commemorative Missions 2nd Installment: August 18 – September 5

In this period, a campaign will be conducted that allows players to earn Meister Gacha tickets worth up to 40 spins by clearing missions.

QooApp Yumekuro 1.5 Anniversary 16

Yumekuro Main Story Chapter 8

The release of Yumekuro’s main story Chapter 8 is scheduled for the fall of 2023. Further details will be announced at a later date.

QooApp Yumekuro 1.5 Anniversary 04

Yumekuro Black Summer Campaign & Black Fairy Event

Starting August 26, a project focused on black fairies will be implemented. As a large-scale campaign commemorating the 1.5-year anniversary, titled Black Summer Campaign, three new black fairies, Marine Color Fairy Vacation, will be introduced.

QooApp Yumekuro 1.5 Anniversary 05

QooApp Yumekuro 1.5 Anniversary 06

Among the three, two will appear in Gacha, and one can be obtained as a reward within the campaign. During the live, illustrations of Faz, who will appear in Gacha, were revealed. Additionally, the first-ever Black Fairy Event, announced in the May 2023 Producer’s Letter, has been decided for September, and a preview of the development game screen was revealed.

■ Faz (Marine Color Fairy Vacation) – CV: Takuma Nagatsuka

QooApp Yumekuro 1.5 Anniversary 07

QooApp Yumekuro 1.5 Anniversary 08

QooApp Yumekuro 1.5 Anniversary 09

Yumekuro 3rd Sweet Fes

The third installment of Sweet Fes will feature Mikage and Mikoto, debuting on August 18 until September 6. A preview video and awakening illustrations were revealed ahead of time.

This Gacha will provide a sweeter story than the usual events and Gacha content, and during the event period, the appearance rate for ★4 will be doubled, increasing the chances of encountering them. Additionally, a new Meister Step-Up Gacha will be introduced. This special Gacha becomes more valuable as the step increases by spinning the Gacha, and when spinning the Gacha for the fourth time, a ★4 Meister can be obtained for sure.

■ Mikage (Sweet Fes) – CV: Gakuto Kajiwara

QooApp Yumekuro 1.5 Anniversary 11

QooApp Yumekuro 1.5 Anniversary 12

■ Mikoto (Sweet Fes) – CV: Shō Karino

QooApp Yumekuro 1.5 Anniversary 13

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