Ys X Nordics Unveils Official Gameplay Trailer


After several snippets of gameplay through images and reports, Falcom Nihon has finally released the first trailers for the latest in the Ys series, Ys X Nordics!

The gameplay trailer shows off more of the game’s combat, characters, villains, and the game’s Naval Combat system. The company released two trailers for the game, a full-length promotional trailer and a shorter web commercial featuring the antagonists which you can watch below.

Ys X Nordics releases for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch on September 28 in Japan and Asia.

Ys X Nordics Official Gameplay Trailer

About Ys X Nordics

Ys X Nordics is the latest in the Ys video game franchise by Nihon Falcom, bringing another chapter to Adol’s adventure between Ys IV and

Ys X Nordics features a Cross Action battle system, that lets you take control of either Adol or Carja or together as a duo! This allows players to fight with either character’s specialties of fire, or ice magic, or combine their strengths on certain enemies to overwhelm their foes.

Ys X Nordics also introduces naval traversal as Adol now commanders his own ship with a crew of familiar and new faces, traveling the open seas and facing off against other pirates in naval combat and cannons!

ys x nordics game trailer 05

ys x nordics game trailer 09

ys x nordics game trailer 010

ys x nordics game trailer 011

ys x nordics game trailer 012

ys x nordics game trailer 013

ys x nordics game trailer 014

One of Ys X Nordic’s key actions is the inclusion of Mana actions, specific interactions with the environment you can perform by converting mana into useful tools, and for combat.

Adol can convert energy into things like strings, ride energy lines using his Grimble Board, and launch high into the sky with Windpools to reach new levels of verticality, and for the level design to expand like never before!

ys x nordics game trailer 06

ys x nordics game trailer 07

ys x nordics game trailer 08

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