Hololive Fan Game HoloCure – Save the Fans! Now Available on Steam for Free


HoloCure – Save the Fans!” a fan game inspired by the popular VTuber group Hololive, is officially released for PC on Steam. Developed by KayAnimate, the roguelike game offers a chance for players to control the Hololive talent pool in a top-down roguelike action setting. The game is available for free supporting both English and Japanese.

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Choose from over 20 characters, including Inugami Korone, Gawr Gura, and Roboco, and navigate them through a world filled with enemies. The purpose is to defeat approaching foes, gather powerful weapons and items, and survive. Inspired by titles such as Vampire Survivors and Magic Survival, the game was previously available for free on itch.io before being released on Steam for free as well.

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The illustrations for HoloCure – Save the Fans! were created by animator Kay Yu, who has stated an intention to continue updates until all Hololive members are featured within the game. Additionally, the Steam release was made in consultation with Cover Corp, and the store page explicitly mentions that the game is a fan creation, adhering to derivative works guidelines.

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HoloCure – Save the Fans! Update 0.6 Trailer

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