Little Nightmares III Announced for 2024


At today’s Gamescom Opening Night Live 2023, Bandai Namco officially announced Little Nightmares III, the latest installment to the world-hit franchise. The announcement also comes with a new trailer showcasing the protagonists, Low and Alone.

The puzzle-platform horror adventure game gained worldwide success since its first installment hit on PC and consoles in 2017. The series is followed by a sequel titled Little Nightmares II, which was released in February 2021.

Just like its previous installments, Little Nightmares III will follow the journey of two girls as they have to join hands to find a way out of a new place, known as the Nowhere. As the player traverses the world through various platformer elements and escapes from the monstrous, twisted beings, Little Nightmares III, for the first time, introduced a co-op system to the franchise. But if you’d rather embark on this journey by yourself, you’ll also be able to play solo with an AI companion.

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Low and Alone are each equipped with their own iconic items that will allow you to solve various puzzles and defend yourself against the new and dangerous challenges that await you. You’ll also be able to interact with the world using Low’sbow and arrows and Alone’s wrench, but you’ll also need your wits, tenacity, and creativity to survive your trip across the Spiral.

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According to the PlayStation Blog, the game’s first chapter takes place in the desert sands and ruins of The Necropolis, a city of eternal energy and certain death powered by gusting winds. The Necropolis is the home of a weird giant Monster Baby and Low and Alone will have to find a way to navigate these ruins while staying out of her way.

The franchise is also launching a new podcast series comprising six episodes called The Sounds of NightmaresThe first two episodes are available to enjoy right now HERE. The podcast follows the story of Noone, a young girl who is committed to the Counties Psychiatric Institute to deal with her ever-worsening nightmares. She is under the care of Otto, the Counsellor, a man who dedicated his life to helping kids. As their sessions unfold, Otto’s past and Noone’s nightmares seem destined to collide.

Little Nightmares III will be released on PlayStation 5 and 4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, Switch, and PC in 2024.


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