Tarisland Announces 2nd Closed Beta Test Beginning in November 2023


Level Infinite announced during its Into the Infinite showcase at Gamescom 2023, that the upcoming mobile and PC MMORPG Tarisland is getting another closed beta starting this November!

The 2nd Closed Beta will be available for players in Europe, Asia & America, with cross-play support and multi-language support in English, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Russian, and French. This beta will add additional servers and promises gameplay updates from its first beta test which happened earlier this June.

Tarisland Worldview

In tales long past, the star tells of three primeval gods Moira, Leith, and Acheron who represent destiny, oblivion, and omen respectively. These three gods bear witness to the history of countless planets housing intelligent life, and in one of them lies Tarisland, with a history so rich that a special being begins to awake from within.


As this event unfolds, the god Moira leaves the inscription stone for warriors to defeat Acheron who hid the will of Leith, as the gods who were once friendly with each other, never made peace after a series of conflicts, leading to an endless war on the planet.

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Taris Land Trailer Reveal 0 2

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Tarisland Gameplay

Taris Land is a 3D action MMORPG where you can pick between one of seven classes, each class with two unique fighting styles and specializations for combat and roles in parties. In the game you’ll be running across vast maps with different locales and enemies, completing quests, and slaying monsters.

Taris Land Trailer Reveal Gameplay 01

Taris Land Trailer Reveal Gameplay 02

Taris Land Trailer Reveal Gameplay 03

The game’s main feature is its raids, each with varying degrees of difficulty and random affixes, allowing for different challenges you can take on with a tightly-knit team to earn loot and more powerful upgrades.

Taris Land Trailer Reveal Gameplay 04

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The game is touted as incredibly F2P friendly, with each season of the game adjusting the power gap between players so everyone begins at the same threshold, ensuring that even newer players can start enjoying the new content at a similar power level to more experienced players.

Taris Land Trailer Reveal Gameplay 06

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The game will be available on both PC and mobile, with a completely revamped UI for both platforms, allowing you to take the fun outside, and back home with a serious setup in raids and coordinated encounters.

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