Stampede: Racing Royale Enters Early Access on November 2 for PC via Steam


Publisher Secret Mode and developer Sumo Leamington announced that Stampede: Racing Royale, a 60-player kart racing game, is launching in Early Access on November 2 for PC via Steam. A new trailer was also revealed at the Into the Infinite: A Level Infinite Showcase live show held on August 23.

Bringing together 60 participants for thrilling races and battles on inventive circuits and arenas, players can look forward to Stampede Races, offering classic karting action, and Stampede Battles, which are arena-based competitions with power-ups. Customization options for vehicles and characters will also be available, along with seasonal events and challenges.

The Early Access release follows playtests and survey feedback, and the development team plans to continually add fresh content, including new maps and limited-time events. Early Access will bring new content, features, maps, and limited-time events, all built around the core chaotic gameplay of wild races and battles.

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Stampede: Racing Royale Gameplay

Stampede: Racing Royale promises exhilarating gameplay as it invites players to the wildest racing event in existence. With 60 competitors all racing and battling simultaneously, players must harness their skills and utilize an array of power-ups to secure victory in classic circuit races or intense arena-based battles.

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In the game’s Racing Royale mode, participants will face three rounds of eliminator events, culminating in a high-stakes finale to determine the ultimate winner. From classic karting action on inventive circuits to power-up-laden battles in arenas, each round presents unique challenges and thrilling competition.

Customization is a key feature, with the ability to unlock new vehicles and endless personalization options. Players can choose their favorite karts and adorn them with custom paints and stickers. Additionally, dressing characters in stylish attire ensures a distinctive appearance on the track.

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With the world of Stampede being alive 24/7, there are always new ways to race. Seasons, events, challenges, and more create a dynamic environment with constantly changing opportunities and rewards. Players can also join friends to experience the chaotic fun of Stampede: Racing Royale together.

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