Project Mugen Reveals 1st Trailer Previewing Spider-Man-Like Exploration and Action Gameplay


Project Mugen finally ended its countdown after 4 days, revealing its first gameplay trailer showing off some absolutely incredible gameplay for a mobile, PC and PS5 title!

The trailer shows off the game’s impressive 3D graphics that rival something out of Mihoyo’s latest projects, and a truly free-form type of open-world exploration, being able to run through urban environments, beaches, and ride trains, and traverse the world with many techniques from swinging around like Spider-Man, Wall-running, Driving, and much more!

The trailer even shows us its real-time action combat with a variety of control schemes from attacking enemies while driving, shooting, melee combat, and even using the environment like tossing enemies off buildings, and using telekineses to grab nearby objects!

The game now has its official website open where you can now pre-register for the game, and check out its various characters and other information!

Project Mugen 1st Trailer Reveal

Project Mugen Gameplay

Project Mugen is a new open-world action RPG developed by Thunder Fire Studio and NetEase,

The game describes its world as a place where “reality” and “anomalies” coexist, where all rules can be broken. The game features incredibly ambitious traversal mechanics akin to console titles, including swinging around with grappling hooks, driving, and wall-running along city walls and areas from Train tracks, the beach, urban streets, and more.

Project Mugen Gameplay 1

Project Mugen Gameplay 8

Players can also fight enemies in real-time in a variety of environments with a weather system and day-night time periods that change how the environments look, and can use objects such as cars and other hazards to dispatch enemies, or even toss them from rooftops.

Project Mugen Gameplay 7

Project Mugen Gameplay 6

Project Mugen Gameplay 5

Each character has a basic movement skill that includes parkour, swinging, or wall-climbing, and will also have unique traversal mechanics based on their identity, like driving around on a bike or riding their war hammer, and you can even intercept and use vehicle in the city to get around!

Project Mugen Gameplay 4

Project Mugen Gameplay 3

Project Mugen Gameplay 2

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