Holostars EN’s Magni Dezmond and Noir Vesper Graduate on August 31


Cover Corporation announced that two of their Holostars English talents, Magni Dezmond and Noir Vesper will be graduating on August 31, 2023. This decision follows a prolonged hiatus that saw both talents sidelined for over a month.

All activities of the two V-Tubers will cease on August 31, and fans who still wish to send Magni or Vesper fan letters will still be able to do so until October 2. In addition, any membership-exclusive content will be privated after September 30. Information about their merchandise production is going to be disclosed at a later date, according to the official notice.

Fans speculate that something might’ve happened internally, as it has been over a month since Magni or Vesper collabed or live streamed (their last live stream being around July), and from the way the official message is worded, it seems that this was a decision taken by the talents themselves, and the company decided to respect that. Furthermore, in an announcement live stream made on Axel Syrios’s channel, the members of TEMPUS have all wished their best wishes for both Vesper and Magni.

Magni and Noir debuted in July 2022, alongside Regis Altare and Axel Syrios as the first wave of Holostars English TEMPUS, which is Hololive’s all-male branch of V-Tuber talents.

Announcement from TEMPUS Boys Live Stream

About Holostars EN’ -‘s Magni Dezmond

Adventurer’s Guild TEMPUS’s publicist. He proclaims himself to be an alchemist, but But in truth, nobody knows what his actual profession is, as nobody has ever seen him in action. Muddling the waters even further are his business ventures which take him all around Elysium.

Magni is a bombastic man, proudly exposing in broad daylight knowledge and wisdom. He often acts to turn everyone on his side into following his plans. He also draws in his viewers by making happening events look more spectacular or special than they really are.

Holostars EN's Magni Dezmond and Noir Vesper Graduate on August 31

About Holostars EN’s Noir Vesper

Noir Vesper is Adventurer’s Guild TEMPUS’s academic advisor. He is logical and rational at all times, he doesn’t lift a finger unless completely convinced by something. He has an aversion to sunlight due to spending too long cooped up, absorbed in his research.

Vesper often is disconnected from modern culture, which is why a common nickname given to him by his fans is “grandpa”, because he started using the internet and computers in general in the Windows 3.1 era, and often likes to pass on old knowledge from that time period to his younger fans in his livestreams.

Noir Vesper 2.0 Portrait

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