Mary Skelter Finale Launches on September 12 for PC


The PC port of the dungeon-crawling RPG Mary Skelter Finale is coming to PC via Steam on September 12, 2023! As the third and final game of the trilogy, the latest release will include all base game content from the console version, alongside all DLC embedded in-game.

The game will support English, Japanese, and Traditional Chinese text with audio settings for English as well. Curiously, the release of Finale marks the first time the Mary Skelter series has been released with full Japanese language support as the first two games in the series only include Japanese audio.

Mary Skelter Finale brings a conclusion to the trilogy and takes place after the events of the true endings of Mary Skelter: Nightmares and Mary Skelter 2, showing an even harsher reality to Jack and the Blood Maidens, who survived the Jail’s tribulations.

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Mary Skelter: Finale includes a “Before Story” that features the stories of the two prior games. Even if you have not played previous entries in the series, these serve as a way for new players to catch up on the story thus far.

Outside of the aforementioned bonuses, the game will also contain the free visual novel Mary Skelter: Locked Up in Love – True End and Love Prison Tower Mary Skelter as bonus content. In total, you can enjoy three different adventures in addition to the main game!

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Furthermore, the Steam page for the game offers a deluxe edition that includes a character art collection, rough art collection, art inlays, an original soundtrack CD (containing 78 tracks total), seven PC wallpapers, ten mobile wallpapers, and a PC theme.

Mary Skelter

Mary Skelter Finale Opening Trailer

Mary Skelter Finale Gameplay

Mary Skelter Finale holds the same gameplay loop that was defined in the previous two entries of the series, a turn-based dungeon crawler RPG system similar to the Etrian Odyssey series.

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What sets the game apart from its contemporary lies in the unique “Zapping system”, in which players get to switch between six different groups of characters in real-time, allowing them to play whichever group they want. This allows players to dive deeper into their individual stories and relationships.

Unique challenges also await in Mary Skelter Finale, as some roadblocks in the dungeon may require another group to interact with the environment to clear obstacles and pave the way forward.

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During battles, special enemies called Insectmares can appear. These creatures will latch on to the player party’s Blood Maiden, making certain skills and commands unavailable. While detrimental, they can be fended off with blood packs that in turn generate blood that can be used by the maidens to go into their Massacre Mode. While in this state, they gain access to powerful skills that can easily turn the tables.

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