Egoist Music Duo Disbands After Last Concert on October 9


The EGOIST music duo, formed by members ryo / Supercell, and Chelly announced that the pair will cease their activities as the group on October 9, which is set to be their last concert.

The group will perform their final two concerts in Osaka on September 23 and Kanagawa on October 9. The duo’s singer Chelly announced that she will continue performing as a solo artist under the name Reche. In the official announcement on EGOIST’s website, the group thanked those who supported the duo since its inception in 2011 and hopes fans can continue to support them in the future.


Egoist is a fictional Japanese pop music duo formed by Ryo of Supercell, who was asked back in 2011 to compose a theme song for the Guilty Crown anime series. Needing a singer to perform it, Supercell held an audition for the band’s next album Zigaexperientia, and Ryo was still looking for a vocalist for Egoist. After nearly 2000 auditions Chelly was selected to perform.

The duo went on to create several other songs for popular anime, including Psycho-Pass, Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, and Fate/Apocrypha.

Egoist Pop Duo Split 0

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