[Qoo News] Mobile bishojo SLG Rick G Earth gets new girls from TV anime Gate



Zoo Corporation’s mobile strategy title Rick G Earth (りっく☆じあ~す) has brought TV anime Gate to its universe. Girls from the show, such as Rory Mercury and Tuka Luna Marceau, will be acquirable for a limited period of time.

Time (GMT +9)

QooApp Ver.: 12:00, 14th October 2017 – 09:59, 18th October 2017
GooglePlay/AppStore Ver.: 16:00, 4th October 2017 – 09:59 18th October 2017


During the event, players can make Rory Mercury and Lelei La Lelena by chance.



Tuka Luna Marceau can be purchased during the event.


Mari Kurokawa and Shino Kuribayashi can be acquired by chance upon clearing the event area.




More details can be seen here.


Originally a light novel series written by Takumi Yanai (柳内たくみ), it has been adapted into a TV anime in 2015. In Ginza, Tokyo, a gate suddenly appears, and sends Roman soldiers and monsters to attack the city. After Japan Self-Defense Forces defeat the enemy, they pass through the gate and investigate the other world, where surreal things that do not exist in this world exist.

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