Mobile online RPG Hinemosu Shikihime is now released

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Developed by Appirits, mobile online RPG Hinemosu Shikihime (ひねもす式姫) is now available for download. Hinemosu Shikihime is a part of the developer’s Shikihime Project (式姫Project), which also includes mobile game Utsushiyo no Tobari, browser game Kakuriyo no Mon, Shikihime Garden and Shikihime Zoushi.

Hinemosu Shikihime supports real time battles. Players can control at most three characters with the additional help of other six characters.

Shikihime Project revolves around a group of Shikihime, who are female Shikigami ( a mysterious being in Japanese forklore) that belongs to onmyoji. In the story, players’ character travels back to Edo Period after a group of mysterious girls appears and invites him to fight with onmyoji.

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