Animation movie K: Seven Stories trailer, cast and plot revealed

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GoRA’s and GoHands’ original TV anime series K will get a seven-movie series, K: Seven Stories, next year. The movie site was open yesterday, revealing a trailer, the cast and the plot of each episode.

There will be six episodes that run at different time. Each will be accompanied by a spin-off short movie, The Idol K (ザ・アイドルK).

Episode 1

The first episode R:B ~Blaze! will run starting 7th July 2018.

The story follows how the Red King Mikoto Suoh (CV: Kenjiro Tsuda) and the Blue King Reisi Munakata (CV: Tomokazu Sugita) encounter each other, and how this leads to a violent fight.

Episode 2

SIDE: BLUE ~Tenrou no Gotoku~ (SIDE:BLUE ~天狼の如く~)  will run starting 4th August 2018.

Among the Blue King Reisi Munakata’s (CV: Tomokazu Sugita) Special Task Force Unit Scepter 4, there is new member who asks Goki Zenjo (CV: Kenjiro Tsuda), a member working in the almost forgotten data room, to teach him how to wield a Katana.

Episode 3

SIDE: GREEN ~Uwagaki Sekai~ (SIDE:GREEN ~上書き世界~) will run starting 1st September 2018.

The Green King, as well as the leader of Jungle, Nagare Hisui (CV: Kazuyuki Okitsu) loses to the Gold King. At the same time, Sukuna Gojou (CV: Rie Kugimiya), who leaves his poor family, rises to being a J rank member of Jungle. These two persons are destined to change Jungle and the world.

Episode 4

Lost Small World ~Ori no Mukou ni~ (Lost Small World ~檻の向こうに~) will run starting 6th October 2018. It revolves around how the Red King’s vanguard Misaki Yata (CV: Jun Fukuyama) bonds with Saruhiko Fushimi (CV: Mamoru Miyano) at school, and how he has to say goodbye to the latter after Fushimi betrays the Red King.

Episode 5

Memory of Red ~BURN~ (メモリー・オブ・レッド ~BURN~) will run starting 3rd November 2018.

The story is Mikoto Suoh’s (CV: Kenjiro Tsuda) centric, depicting the happy time of Suoh, Izumo Kusanagi (CV: Takahiro Sakurai), and Tatara Totsuka (CV: Yuki Kaji) back in the Homra days.

Episode 6

Circle Vision ~Nameless Song~ will run starting 1st December 2018.

It is a brand new story that revolves around Yashiro Isana (CV: Daisuke Namikawa) and Kuroh Yatogami (CV: Daisuke Ono).

About K

First aired 2012, K is set in a technologically advanced place called Shizume City. A teenage student, Yashiro Isana, gets involved in the middle of various conflicts due to the different beliefs and ideology that the seven kings hold.

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