Zodiac boyfriends on mobile: Eto Kare will be released next year

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Arithmetic unveiled a mobile otome game in development yesterday. Titled Eto Kare (干支かれ), it is a game where Chinese Zodiac signs are personified, given a new name, and last but not least, dateable. It will be released in Spring 2018.


Nagi: Yoshiki Nakajima
Kosuke: Reiou Tsutida
Mikoto: Shinichiro Kamio

Tsumugi: Kotaro Nishiyama
Ibuki: Wataru Hatano
Hisame: Arthur Lounsbery

Rin: Soma Saito
Hitoshiki: Koki Miyata
Tenta: Daiki Kobayashi

Sakyou: Anju Nitta
Ukiyou: Kento Ito
Kuon: Shunsuke Takeuchi
Shino: Takuya Eguchi

Haruno: Toshihiko Seki
Suzu: Yuki Yonai

Shion:  Shinichiro Miki


There are twelve Zodiac signs – this is what most people know. Little do they know that there is a hidden one, and that is cat. Back in Heian Period, the cat was possessed by an evil spirit. Haruno, an onmyoji, sealed him, and people could live in peace – not until recently he awakened from his long sleep. As a descendant of Haruno, players’ character is responsible for protecting the world with the twelve Zodiac gods.

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