Horror series Ao Oni has a new mobile title in development

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Developed by UUUM and GOODROID, horror game franchise Ao Oni will get a mobile sequel, Ao Oni 3 (青鬼3), in 2017 Winter. It is now available for pre-registration.

In Ao Oni 3, players will take control of characters who drift to an isolated unoccupied island. The gameplay will involve a lot of puzzles and escaping.

Ao Oni started as a free escape room horror game made using RPG Maker in 2004. Well-received for its grosteque scenes, it has been adapted to novels, movies and anime.

Pre-registeration Rewards

Follow Ao Oni 3’s Twitter (@aooni3_official) to pre-register.

10,000: Ao Oni mask (in-game)
20,000: Ao Oni keyring x20 (lucky draw)
30,000: Hikakin x Ao Oni T-shirt x20 (lucky draw)
50,000: Hikakin x Ao Oni Cushion x20 (lucky draw)



PC horror escape room game Ao Oni is now playable on mobile


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