[Qoo News] First Look at NetEase’s Onmyoji MOBA



NetEase’s Onmyoji MOBA, Onmyoji: Battle! Heian-Kyo, has just launched it’s very first closed beta. The game is currently available for pre-registration, however, the pre-registration and the closed beta requires a China mobile phone number.

The new MOBA will feature characters from the Onmyoji RPG. Players will be able to control iconic characters from Tengu to Ubume and Ibarakidouji on a typical MOBA battlefield.



Each character will have four Hero Skills, with two additional universal skills that players can pick, which means each match players will essentially have six skills to use. Each character retains their signature skills from Onmyoji.


Despite being a closed beta, the new MOBA is incredibly well made. If you were already impressed with the Onmyoji RPG’s graphics, then the MOBA will definitely live up to your expectation especially the new 3D character models.

In addition to having incredibly well-made 3D models, the game all the characters in the game are fully voiced in Japanese! Below is a preview of the characters available in the beta.

As one would expect, the game features the key elements from modern MOBAs like League of Legends. From the map outline to brushes, jungle, and even special monsters from the original Onmyoji mobile RPG. The game progression follows that of a typical MOBA, farming creeps for gold to buy items to improve their stats.

The beta will take place on 22nd November 12:00 and will go on until 1st December 23:59. Players who log in 5 days in a row will receive a special “白狼:平安慶典” hero skin when the game officially launches.

Official Pre-Registration Site

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