[Qoo News] Disgaea’s mobile spin-off Makai Wars opens pre-registration


Nippon Ichi Software’s coming mobile SRPG Makai Wars (魔界ウォーズ) is finally ready for pre-registration. It is coming 2018 Spring.

Makai Wars

First announced as a PSP title in E3 in 2003, this Disgaea’s (魔界戦記ディスガイア) spin-off has already been delayed thrice. It was later decided for PS3 but it never came out. Earlier in July, the developer announced its revival as a mobile game for 2017 release. Again, it was delayed to 2018 Spring.


As a joint project with Clover Lab’s mobile game Yurudorashiru (ゆるドラシル), the game features playable characters from both Disgaea and Yurudorashiru. On a 6×5 grid, players have to control a team of five members to defeat enemies.

Makai Wars

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