Be the master of cute girls! Mobile action title Dolls Order announced

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Dolls Order

gumi is making a mobile “high speed” action title, Dolls Order (ドールズオーダー). The official site is now launched and is recruiting participants for upcoming closed beta.

Dolls Order

The game offers online real time two on two fight. The setting and opening animation is supervised by Fullmetal Alchemist’s director Seiji Mizushima. It also features experienced staff that have worked on successful franchises and famous voice actresses including Rei Kugimiya and Ai Kayano.


Arthur is an AI that solves problems.
Wars, poverty, environmental destruction…
Arthur has been choosing the best solution for humans, while they are supposed to be the one who rule their world.

When Arthur begins to annihilate humanity, humans finally rebel. 

Arthur’s mecha knights, girls called Doll, decides to put an end to the catastrophe.
Lancelot leads the rest of the Doll to give humans support.

Although they successfully eliminate Arthur, their homeland has become a sea of ruins.
At this moment, Lancelot builds a new government – Camelot, and reign the entire world…


Dolls Order

■ Recruitment period: 13:00 10th January – 21:59 31st January

■ Beta period: 5th February – 11th February

■ Admission number: 2,000 each for iOS and Android

■ Requirement: iOS 8.4 or above/Andorid 4.4 or above

■ Beta site:

Official Site


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