Koei Tecmo Releases New Gameplay Trailer for Dynasty Warriors 9

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Koei Tecmo has released a new gameplay trailer for their upcoming Dynasty Warriors 9!

The new gameplay focuses on showing the different tactics players can use when clearing missions in the new open world setting of the upcoming entry. Upon selecting which mission they want to clear on the map, players will be able to use the “Auto-Run” feature of the game to get to their designated mission. throughout the game, players will have an option between different missions, from taking forts, to assisting ally generals. Selecting which quest to do and how to clear them is completely up to the player.

Additionally, the trailer also shows rare footage of horseriding in the new title. On the game’s official website, more details on horseriding was also released. According to the website, players will be able to train their beloved mounts the more they use them. Players will also be able to select which mount they want including the infamous Red Hare!

Dynasty Warriors 9 Gameplay Trailer

Additionally, Koei Tecmo has also released character action trailers for Xu Chu, Yu Jin, Lu Xun, Huang Zhong, Guan Ping, and Zhong Hui

New Action Trailers

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