An unexpected sequel! Horror RPG Yume Nikki gets a new game by Kadokawa

Mr. Qoo

Another phenomenal free horror RPG besides Angels of Death and Ib, Yume Nikki (ゆめにっき) will have a sequel work coming soon. The new title is going to be made by the original author Kikiyama and published by Kadokawa.

Yume Nikki

On the teaser site is a count down that possibly suggests the date of the next announcement, which is 25th January. Nothing concrete is available so far.

Yume Nikki

Besides, the English localization version has just been released on Steam. This version is also a free-to-play.

Yume Nikki is a pixelated PC game created by Kikiyama using RPG Maker in 2004. The gameplay involves mostly a girl who wanders in her dark, disturbing dream world and killing NPCs. Praised for its uses of metaphor, the game has become popular worldwide especially among China and Taiwan.

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