Mobile RPG Mirror Crossing is available for download

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Two years after the announcement in 2015 Tokyo Game Show, Magnolia Factory’s fanasty mobile RPG Mirror Crossing (ミラーズクロッシング) is now available for download.

Since all pre-registration milestones have been reached, players can receive extra log-in bonus and as many as 2,500 gems!


In this strategy centric RPG, players have to arrange their characters on a 3×3 grid. Each of them has her/his own set of gears and summon beasts. Skills are initiated manually.


Mirrors Crossing

The story is written by Shin Megami Tensei’s Ryutaro Ito and FFXI and Kingdom Herat’s II’s Mitsunori Takahashi.

A beautiful world born from a mirror graced by Goddess.
Humans and elves live a peaceful and affluent life.

Yet, the mirror is gradually dirtied by humans’ filthy souls.
Darkness arrives. The war to compete for the mirror begins. The entire world is shrouded in “Evil Mist”.

A few hundred years ago, a hero appears to get rid of Evil Mist and destroy the mirror. The world welcomes peace again.

Now, humanity is again endangered by the mist. Humans can do nothing but wait for another hero to save them.

Mirror Crossing

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