2018 Jan Week# 3 Dragon Riding MMOs and the Long Awaited Mirrors Crossing Marks the Week!

Mr. Qoo

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Mirrors Crossing

Mirrors Crossing

Japanese Gamer Reactions:
“The game is decent, but the game service is a little worrying.”
“Although there are complaints about character animations, I don’t mind it.”
“The game itself is quite interesting, but the gacha design is just terrible.”

Originally announced for over a year ago, but was delayed due to various reasons until now, because of all the delays, the game does have a slightly outdated feel to its UI and game content. However, the game’s combat is still quite unique, challenging player’s reactions. The low ratings are mostly due to the incredibly terrible gacha pool which puts equipment, summon beasts, and characters all in one pool. Hopefully the game’s service will fix this in the future…

Yo-Kai Songokushi Kunitori Wars

Japanese Gamer Reactions:
“Wei characters are strong, Wu characters are all trash.”
“The game encourages you to pay, but it isn’t particularly good.”
“This type of gameplay won’t last long.”

Yo-Kai Watch combined with Sangokushi, the idea itself is quite interesting and the characters, much like the original series are quite adorable. Unfortunately, the game’s combat is quite lacking. A simple system that can be summed up in three moves, “halt, “Attack”, and “retreat”. Additionally, with Cao Cao being OP in the game, it starts to smell like a pay-to-win game.

Daybreak Legends

Gamer Reactions:
“I like loli characters, please make more Japanese style outfits.”
“Easy to get story, simple system, fun!”
“If you play for too long equipment stop showing.”

A European-styled MMO with quite a few character customization options, most notably a loli option… The game encourages co-op play to earn different outfits in the game. The game is a typical MMO with a dragon riding fantasy backdrop.

Neverland Syndrome

Japanese Gamer Reactions:
“This game can actually be categorized as Horror.”
“Well, Seec is known for making horror mystery games.”
“Interesting story! If you don’t look at it as an Otome game it’s not bad.”

Although the game’s art is Otome-styled, the story runs in a slightly different direction. Players who are looking for a sweet love story might want to watch out! However, those who love a good Seec story and can’t resist ikemen, then this is the game for you!

Dokonjou Haru-Chan

Japanese Gamer Reactions:
“The way they express the story is great!”
“Characters are adorable, just watching them is fun enough.”

The game doesn’t set a new genre in the gaming scene, and the difficulty isn’t particularly high, looking at the gameplay itself, the playability isn’t very high, but the Showa period art style and the game’s hilarious setting makes the game surprisingly intriguing!


Gamer Reaction:
“Fans of SM/JYP should try, ARMY fans must try!”
“Not good at rhythm games, but I’ll play for BTS!”
“Cards are so hard to get, low rates and expensive, can this be changed in the future?”

A typical SUPERSTAR game, featuring the popular Korean band BTS. Of course, this attracts fans from all over the world. Players can collect the band members in their different album looks, and the requirement for the gacha pool isn’t particularly high, which makes the game quite friendly to fans. Different tracks also have different requirements that requires players to change their team composition to obtain a BONUS. Those who wants a high score will have to really work the gacha pool.

Paid Game of the Week

Tokonatsu Pool Palace
Price: US$4.99

Kairosoft’s Simulation
Lots of Different Stores with Different Elements

Japanese Gamer Reactions:
“Kairosoft makes good games, very durable.”
“This is one of the more interesting game Kairosoft released recently.”
“You can make weird colored pools, seems odd”

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