[Qoo News] Lineage M Producer Makes an Appearance at TpGS2018!


On 27th January, the Producer of Lineage M, Kim Hyo-soo (金孝洙), made an appearance at the Lineage M stage to share stats on the Chinese version of Lineage M and share with visitors his thoughts and feel on the success of the game since its release over a month ago. Additionally, the producer also spent some time answering some frequently asked questions on the game as pointers for new players.


Starting with the stats of the Chinese version of Lineage M. So far, the game only dropped 18 Violet Fusion materials! in terms of level, the average player level in the game is approximately 57 and the highest Guild Rank is 9. Finally, in terms of kills, the total PvP kill count reached 2,000,655 and World Raid participants has reached 9,809,480.



Q: When will Castle Battle Mode be available on the Chinese Version?
Kim: Castle Battle was released five months after the game was released in the Korean version. The Chinese version has only been launched for a month, I hope players can be patient for a while.

Q: Will there be cross-region servers in the future?
Kim: In the initial stages of development, we considered making cross-region servers for players across the world to play together, but that is still not ready.

Q: Recommended place for training?
Kim: Kingdom of Eva – Lower Levels and Heine. After 31st January, the Dream Island zone will be introduced to the game, the best place to train will be Dream Island once it becomes available.

Q: Favorite Character?
Kim: Back in the PC version, I liked the Knight. Even in the mobile version I play as a Knight. I’m currently a Lv. 78 Knight.

Q: Favorite Food in Taiwan
Kim: I have heard that the jerkies in Taiwan are delicious, I plan to buy some back to Korea.

At the end of the stage event, Lineage M rewarded fans with all sorts of Lineage M merch!