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On the second day of Taipei Game Show 2018 (TpGS2018) (27th January), renowned Korean illustrator Kim Hyung-Tae appeared at TpGS2018 to promote his latest mobile title, Destiny Child.  After an autograph session in the morning, Kim sat down with a few media and shared his thoughts and experiences in an interview session. Here’s how it went. (Additional Destiny CHild TpGS2018 booth images after Afterwords)


Q1. First off, can you please share with us the ups and downs of the development of Destiny Child?

-When I was working on the previous game, Blade and Soul, I only had to focus on developing the game, but in developing Destiny Child, I was also responsible for running the game, designing the characters, and recruiting talents for the project… I had to do many of these things on my own, which is why in comparison, it was a lot more work.

Q2. When creating Destiny Child, which parts of the game were you involved in?

– Including designing the system, battle, growth system, recycle system (Translator’s Note: Recycling characters for onyx), world setting, character design, illustration, UI design etc…. pretty much a little bit of everything. At the moment there are 150 characters in the game, this is also the first time I’ve ever designed so many characters for a game.

Q3. Speaking of Destiny Child, you have to mention the incredible Live2D animations. You mentioned before that after deciding to use Live2D, the game’s development stage went from six months to three years… In the mobile game industry, that is considered quite a long time. Why did you decide to use Live2D, and what sort of challenges and obstacles did you face in the process of making the game?

-Modern mobile games are very short-lived, a year, maybe six months… or even just 3 months, mobile game trends are constantly changing. Instead of chasing the trends, I believe that making the game unique is more important. To make sure that the game is unique, we spent a lot of effort on creating the world setting and graphics etc.

After being in touch with Live2D, we first tried the effects using Mona (モナ) as the model, the results were great, it perfectly brought the character to life. After looking at the Live2D animations, the still illustrations felt like they were missing something, so in the end, we decided we had to use Live2D.

Q4. Destiny Child’s Live2D characters are definitely very dynamic! Out of all the characters, which one do you (Kim Hyung-Tae) like the best?

-Well, they are all my creations, I like each and every one of them (lol), but if I really had to pick, I would say the three starting child around the protagonist (Davi, Lisa, and Mona). I spent the more time in creating the three compared to the others, which in a sense makes me like them more. Additionally, Maat (マアト), Ran Fei (ランフェイ), and Shalulu (シャルル) were created according to my own personal preferences, so naturally, I like them more (lol).



Q5. When creating characters for Destiny Child, were you inspired by any parts of history or existing works?

– Destiny Child is set in the modern era, that’s why instead of historic events, modern animated series and games influenced me more. Western urban fantasies and the Persona series also inspired me a lot.

Q6. When creating characters, which part (of the body) do you enjoy drawing the most? and which part takes the most time?

– Would it be a problem if I really answered? (lol) Compared to male characters, drawing female characters definitely takes more time. Personally, I enjoy drawing the curves between the pelvis and the buttocks, this can because of this, our relationship with the Korean Revision Unit is quite tense (lol).

Taking away personal preferences, ultimately, the face is the most time-consuming part. The face is the most expressive feature of the character, revealing the character’s personality and experiences, that’s why I spend the most time on it.

(At this point, Kim explains to the media “please don’t misunderstand, I actually prefer drawing faces more than legs, really. Mn… you all understand)


▲Image shared by Kim on Twitter showing the detail put in illustrating character’s curves

Q7. On the topic of illustrating characters, can you share with everyone how work is distributed normally when drawing characters? Are there different teams, for example, Team A does the lines and Team B does the coloring?

– Although most other games have a work distribution system, when creating Destiny Child, the basics of each character is handled by one illustrator, we believe that this brings the characters to life. When the characters are complete, each illustrator will discuss with the model creators to create the final finished character that we see.

Q8. Coming to Taipei Game Show, have you considered creating an exclusive child for the Chinese version of the game?

– If there is a chance, I will definitely consider it, but if I create a limited edition character, I would want the characters to be available in the different versions as well so all players will have a chance of obtaining them.


▲New Year Edition Chang’e Japanese and Korean ver. comparison

Q9. When you were signing autographs, many fans showed you their progress in the game, do you play Destiny Child, if so, is there any tips you want to share with everyone?

– I played more when the game first released, but lately, I play less due to work. I still open the game frequently, at the end of the day, you have to experience the game first hand to understand what players are feeling.

Q10. Now that Destiny Child is popular in both Korea and Japan, with the Japanese version having more localized changes, will there be changes to experience points and stage rewards?

– We definitely make changes to the game according to the player’s habits, but the structure of the game remains the same. When the Japanese version released, we consulted many experienced producers. If there is a chance in the future, we will explain to everyone in detail.

in the future when the Chinese version is released, it will be more similar to the Korean version.

Q11. Approximately how long did it take to change the Korean version to make the Japanese version?

– It took approximately six months.

Q12. In your opinion, what is the biggest difference between the Korean version and the Japanese version of the game?

– Korean players tend to prefer farming for long durations for events, whereas Japanese players lean towards clearing missions periodically. That is why we made several changes to the game’s rhythm (for the Japanese version).

Q13. The next question is one that everyone is eagerly waiting to ask, Destiny Child, in Korea, has two versions (Uncensored Version & 12+ Version), will Chinese players be able to experience the uncensored version of the game?

– Currently, we can’t be sure, but we will definitely fight to satisfy players of different tastes. I, personally, would love to bring the complete, uncensored version of the game to players.

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▲Comparison between character outfits in Korean (left) and Japanese (right)

Q14. When news of a Chinese version will be released, the promotional image was more similar to the Japanese version. Players are anxious to know whether the Chinese version will be closer to the Japanese version, or the Korean version?

– running both the Korean and Japanese version of the game at the same time, we understand that the game is still lacking in some places. That is why the Chinese version of the game will incorporate the best parts of both the Korean and Japanese version of the game. We believe when the Chinese version is released, it will also have its very own distinction.

Q15. The Japanese version of the game featured local Japanese locations (Underground City). Will the Chinese version have specific

– The Japanese version didn’t directly use the same locations as the Korean version, some changes were made. The Chinese version will also have the same relative changes.


Q16. How far will the nudity in the Chinese version go, will there be any changes there?

– We will be using the standards of the Japnese version to make changes, but we will try to keep it in the style of the Korean version.

Q17. After playing both the Korean and Japanese version, it is clear that obtaining characters are very different in both versions. The Korean version has Re: Birth Labyrinth and Revive Hall (還生館) which the Japanese version doesn’t. Will these features be present in the Chinese version of the game?

– In this aspect, the Chinese version will be more similar to the Japanese version.


Q18. Destiny Child has announced an anime adaptation, when will the anime be aired, will Taiwanese players be able to watch it? (At the time this question was asked, the Shalulu Special Animation has not been released)

– At the moment, the anime adaptation is still incomplete. Players will be able to watch the anime through the links in-game, or on YouTube. Whether or not the HD version will be aired on TV, that will require further confirmation.

Q19. If SHIFTUP develops a new game, asides from the mobile platform, will PC or console platforms be considered?

– We are always thinking about new projects, but currently, the first priority is to do well on Destiny Child and improve player’s experience with the game. In the future, we hope that we won’t be restricted to the mobile platform.

Q20. Many fans showed up to the autograph session this morning, In the future, will a Destiny Child illustration book be released? Currently, illustrations don’t show the name of their illustrator, many players care about this.

– Many illustrators might not want their name revealed to the public. If an illustration book is released in the future, their names may not necessarily be shown, this will have to be discussed with each individual illustrator.

Q21. Destiny Child’s tutorial section, the character, Loki ( ロキ voiced by Megumi Ogata (緒方惠美)), attracted a lot of attention. Will this character be released in the future?

– Loki is an important character in the story, he will appear in the second act of the game, characters related to him will also be gradually introduced.


Q22. Of the five candidates in the game, will the one named Ode (オード) become a playable character?

– As of right now, Ode doesn’t appear in the narrative of the game. If there is a chance in the future, he will be introduced.


Q23. Will Eve have more costumes?

– Right now, Eve already has 2 additional outfits, but if everyone wants more, more can be added.


▲Current Eve Costumes (Left Original)

Q24. Are there any plans to make an R18 game?

– I personally want to make one, I also know a lot of people are looking forward to one. However, currently, we’re striving to create games that “bring happiness to more players”. Maybe one day, as our player base grows older and enjoys R18 games we will have the chance to make one.

Q25. The Japanese version of Destiny Child has announced a collaboration with Vocaloid. Will Vocaloid also appear in the Chinese version?

-We will try our best to make it happen.


Q26. Today is the first time you attend Taipei Game Show and your first visit to Taiwan after many years. What are your impressions?

– Previously when I came to Taiwan, my game was still in development, the focus was more on gathering information. This time is the first time I’m bringing my game over, I realized that there are many people who like my work, it really touched my heart, and serves as motivation to make more games. If there is a chance in the future, I will come more often.

Q27.Finally, is there anything you wish to say to Taiwanese players?

– Before, when creating Blade & Soul, I had a lot of help from Taiwanese friends. I came to scout for locations as inspiration and went to a lot of fo places. The temples left a strong impression on me because of their strict atmosphere. being able to bring my game to Taiwan is really meaningful to me. In the future when we have new projects, I hope that everyone will continue to support us.


During the Autograph session and interview, many players asked Kim to do a 10x summon in Destiny Child, but after seeing nothing but 3 and 4-star characters, Kim could do nothing but sincerely apologize to fans for his bad luck.


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In Destiny Child, players take the role of a devil who lives the life of a human after getting bored in the devil world. He is suddenly dragged into a war that decides who the king of the devil is. In order to be the king, he needs to enter into contracts with girls called Child.

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