[Qoo News] Mobile strategy title Rick G Earth Valentine Event


Zoo Corporation’s mobile bishojo strategy game Rick G Earth (りっく☆じあ~す) is now running a Valentine’s day event – St. Valentine Cup, in which Hinako Kokura’s maid costume is acquirable!

Rick G Earth

Event Period

7th February 2018 – 21st February 2018


■ St. Valentine Cup is a death battle event. The person who defeats other players are able to get the highest class (the best title).

■ French vehicle AMX-30EBG appears in the item exchange centre.

■ Collect challenge medals to get limited edition gears.

■ Get event-exclusive materials and gears.


Three Valentine packs are available for purchase during the event period. These packs include Hinako Kokura’s and/or Tomoka Sendai’s maid costume.

■ Hinako Kokura



Rick G Earth

Rick G Earth

■ Tomoka Sendai

Rick G Earth

Rick G Earth

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