[Qoo News] NetEase Games Launches Beta for Fortnite-esque Mobile Battle Royale Title “FortCraft”


Following the previous announcement of Fortnite coming to mobile, NetEase Games has launched a beta for FortCraft, their mobile battle royale title. Perhaps this can be an alternative for Fortnite fans looking to satisfy their gaming needs on-the-go.


If the name isn’t an obvious giveaway already, FortCraft is a mobile multiplayer battle royale game. If you’ve already played Fortnite before then FortCraft will feel very similar, almost like an identical twin.


The game boasts a massive map of 16 million m2 with 13 different environments for players to explore and massacre enemies. Asides from crafting building blocks, players will be able to find between 12 different unique weapons from 3 different classes, Pistol, Shotgun, Submachine Gun. Rifle, and Sniper Rifle. With optimized controls for the mobile market, FortcCraft offers a smooth adrenaline-filled mobile battle royale experience.

Gameplay Screenshots:





Official FB Page

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