[AJ 2018] KLab AnimeJapan 2018 Bleach Brave Soul Special Stage Reveals New Event


During KLab’s Bleach Brave Soul Special Stage at AnimeJapan 2018 today (24th March), KLab announced invited the voice of Kurosaki Ichigo – Masakazu Morita, Kuchiki Rukia – Fumiko Orikasa, Kuchiki Byakuya – Ryotaro Okiayu, and Shuhei Hisagi – Katsuyuki Konishi to the stage to co-op with players in a special AnimeJapan 2018 quest in Bleach Brave Souls, as well as reveal a new upcoming event for the game.


The new event will be based on the final arc of the series, The Thousand Year Blood War (千年血戦篇). Asides from the main visuals, nothing has been revealed about the new event.







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About the Game

Bleach Brave Souls is a mobile action game where players can collect characters from the series and use them to clear stages and co-op with friends online to clear special quests. The game’s main quest re-tells the story from the Anime series and players will be able to collect special editions of their favorite characters.

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