2018 April Week #1 The Great Clash of IPs

Mr. Qoo

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Toji no Miko

刀使之巫女 QOOAPP的圖片搜尋結果

Japanese Gamer Reactions:
“Surprisingly good for a game by SE. The game’s system is pretty good.”
“The game feels even better after watching the anime series.”
“Farming for materials to limit break is a little slow though…”

This is probably one of Square Enix best mobile game released recently. The game was released just as the series was still on air in Japan. The character models were made incredibly well, and the game’s combat system was quite well designed. The game keeps players busy with the rich character enhancement system and all materials to upgrade your characters can be farmed from different stages throughout the week. The only downside to the game is the amount of time players have to invest in the game if they want to fully max our their characters.



Japanese Gamer Reaction:
“Interesting gameplay, but the servers are too unstable.”
“Combat performs well, but the game seems lacking.”
“Hope they can make more single-player content.”

A One Piece-themed mobile game which focuses on Four vs. Four arena combat. These types of games are quite awkward in the mobile scene, due to the nature of in-app purchases and the difficulty in creating a sensible balance between free-to-play players and paid players. The gameplay also requires players to have a stable connection which is not exactly something you have all the time on your mobile devices which is why it is quite understandable that the game isn’t performing quite well.

Jumputi Heroes

JUMP氣泡 英雄集結H QOOAPP的圖片搜尋結果

Japanese Gamer Reactions:
“Very fast paced, character expressions are quite rich!”
“Will people really spend money on a casual game like this?”
“The SOS system is pretty useless, it’s only used to clear Missions.”

Lately, JUMP has been quite active in the mobile game market. This game performed quite well and has attracted quite a lot of JUMP fans worldwide with the casual TSUMTSUM gameplay and JUMP characters. the game fully utilizes the JUMP’s manga heritage with special manga cutscenes for skills and boss appearances making it quite fun for fans when their favorite characters make an appearance.

Dolls Order

Dolls Order QOOAPP的圖片搜尋結果

Japanese Gamer Reactions:
“The game itself isn’t bad, but the gacha is a real let down.”
“People who like these kinds of games would rather spend money on GVG, right?”
“The gacha pool in the Beta was decent, but now there’s too little variety in the pool, even if you pay you won’t get very far.”

If you imagine Gundam but all girls you’ll have close enough idea of what Dolls order is. The focuses on Two vs. Two PvP where players control dolls with a diverse variety of weapons with typical mobile action game controls.

Tokimeki Idol

心跳偶像 QOOAPP的圖片搜尋結果

Japanese Gamer Reactions:
“If you really had to categorize this game, it would be a rhythm game.”
“Why don’t they let them sing hit songs like BEMANI?”
“They really put in an effort to design the characters well. they look adorable!”

Konami has created rhythm games before, but Tokimeki Idol is almost at another level. from the songs to character designs and character models, the game will give players a pleasant surprise! Tokimeki Idol is definitely a game to try if you haven’t already.

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