SNS-ENTERTAINMENT Releases New Voice Actress PVs for Monster Collect!

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SNS-ENTERTAINMENT’s upcoming mobile title, Monster Collect, has reached over 30,000 pre-registered players! In addition to the game reaching the 30,000 pre-registration, a new Voice Actress PV has been released!

Monster Collect is a new mobile monster-breeding RPG where players can travel back in time to different eras, from prehistoric times to medieval times and even to the future to find different monsters and train them to be one of the strongest monsters to join your ranks. In addition to a diverse variety of monsters, the game boasts a grand cast of voice actor/actresses!

New Voice Actress PV:

Game PVs

Pre-registration Rewards:

1,000: Time Gems x100
3,000: Time Gems x200
5,000: Time Gems x300
7,000: Strengthening Material (Rainbow) x5
10,000: 5-Star Guaranteed Gacha Ticket
17,000: Gold x30,000
25,000: Time Gems x300
30,000: Strengthening Material (Rainbow) x3
40,000: 5-Star Evolve Material (All Types) x1
50,000: 5-Star Guaranteed Gacha Ticket

Previous Voice Actress PVs

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