DeNA Announces New Mobile Action Game With Platinum Games

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Dena and Platinum Games, the developers behind NieR: Automata, has announced a new mobile action game titled World of Demons! The Official Website is already up and running, with the game’s story and Announcement Trailer available.


“World of Demons takes place in a fantastic interpretation of medieval Japan in which Oni (demons) have taken over the human world. The previously docile yokai (monsters from Japanese folklore) have been corrupted by the Oni and have begun attacking humans as well. Only the brave Samurai dare to stand up to the threat of the Oni…”



After the Oni killed his parents, Onimaru was kidnapped and raised by Oni from a young age to do their bidding. Now an adult, he has vowed to enact revenge on the Oni for what they have done by cleansing the human world of their plague…


A shrine-maiden dedicated to protecting her family’s ancestral shrine, Sayo has left her shrine behind to search for the Oni who kidnapped her mother. After a chance meeting with Onimaru, she decides that following him on his journey is her best chance to find clues to her mother’s whereabouts.

Ibaraki Doji (left) & Kuma Doji (right)

Ibaraki Doji
Shuten Doji’s lover and most trusted lieutenant. Her face is obscured by a mask, hinting at a dark past. What, if any, connections does she have to the Samurai that are assembled against the Oni?

Kuma Doji
One of the seven Demon lords. Despises humanity and yokai alike, seeing them as inferior to the Oni race. Revering strength above all else, he may change his mind about an opponent after crossing swords in combat. A calculating creature with no moral compass to speak of.


In World of Demons, players will be able to take direct control over their characters and perform sword slashes, dodges, parries, and finishing moves. Players will also be able to summon Yokai minions who will support their character with different elemental buffs, offensive spells, and support techniques. Players will have to use what they have at hand carefully to defeat demonic Oni henchmen and epic giant bosses.

Asides from rearing Yokai Minions, players will be able to customize their characters with all sorts of upgrades.

The game features different game modes that appeal to different type of gamers. from a compelling story to PvP where players select their best Yokai minion and participate in the Yokai Showdown against other player’s minions. A co-op mode, Samurai Stronghold, will also be available.


Official Site

World of Demons World of Demons World of Demons DeNA Co., Ltd. Release Date: 2018年夏 Pre-register
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